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31-Jul-2014 Peter Riedt: I used the reciprocal
28-Jul-2014 Androcles: Zero Primed

3-Aug-2013 Henry Wilson: Proof That Kinetic Energy is NOT Frame Dependent.

16-Jul-2013 Androcles: v' = (x'-origin')/(t'2 - t'1), you crazy cunt.
13-Jul-2013 Androcles and Ken Seto: The two ends of a train are one single place because the train is in only one place

12-Jun-2013 Androcles: Bwahahahahahahahaha! ...ct for time...
6-Jun-2013 Androcles: How the calculus was created

16-May-2013 Ken Seto: Isotropic in all directions
3-May-2013 Androcles: BWHAHAHAHAHAHA!
1-May-2013 Androcles: Trying the transformation inversion - once more revisited again

26-Mar-2013 Koobee Wublee: Burning your face playing with fire

8-Feb-2013 Vilas Tamhane: Maxwell’s equations do not predict waves
3-Feb-2013 Uwe Hayek: Depends on what you want to define : certainty or uncertainty.

29-Oct-2012 Vilas Tamhane: Simply because that space is owned by the stationary observer
17-Oct-2012 Uwe Hayek: Hayek's experimental evidence for absolute time
15-Oct-2012 Vilas Tamhane: Velocity of sound? Forget it
13-Oct-2012 Vlas Tamhane: Why? He made a very good point
13-Oct-2012 Androcles: the addition c+v doesn’t exist, therefore v = 0
12-Oct-2012 Vilas Tamhane: Another post declaring Islam is the greatest.
7-Oct-2012 Vilas Tamhane: Are you paid by somebody or are you Jew?
6-Oct-2012 Ken Seto: There is no such thing as rest frame for any object.

22-Sep-2012 Vilas Tamhane: Holocaust had no effect on them.
20-Sep-2012 Vilas Tamhane: Psychological projection at its very best
15-Sep-2012 Vilas Tamhane: Who is that imbecile using Tamhanian logic?
2-Sep-2012 Androcles: Predictable like a clockwork
1-Sep-2012 Androcles: "If I Ever Come Across You In Person..."

19-Aug-2012 Androcles and Vilas Tamhane: Frequency of light reinvented
18-Aug-2012 Ken Seto: The imposible inverse square law
15-Aug-2012 Androcles: The Fine Art of Not Getting The Point
1-Aug-2012 Uwe Hayek: HIV does not even exist

19-Jul-2012 Ken Seto: Explaining waves to a telephone pole

29-May-2012 Androcles: Inverting a transformation
24-May-2012 Ken Seto: What make you say that?
15-May-2012 Androcles: Stupid thick fumbling bastard, so fuck off

10-Mar-2012 Henry Wilson: WHAT AN IDIOT!
9-Mar-2012 Ken Seto: Jupiter at light speed
7-Mar-2012 Androcles: Androcles and non-two-dimensional sphere surfaces

27-Feb-2012 Ken Seto: Impossible nonometer
1-Feb-2012 Rafael Valls and Ken Seto: Preferred frames

7-Jan-2012 Ken Seto: delta(Seto)
3-Jan-2012 Ken Seto: Courageously struggling with Coordinates

31-Dec-2011 Ken Seto: The time interval in the direction of the negative x-value.
31-Dec-2011 Ken Seto: Gee you runts of the SRians are stupid.

19-Nov-2011 Androcles: Bwhahahahahahaha he made a typo!
16-Nov-2011 NoEinstein: A largely, self-educated man
16-Nov-2011 Koobee Wublee: Rebuttal by frantic shrugging
11-Nov-2011 NoEinstein: "those God Damned Jewish textbooks"
10-Nov-2011 Androcles: Pi is not exactly divisible by 2, so pi/2 <> pi/2
7-Nov-2011 NoEinstein: I should explain

28-Oct-2011 Androcles: CO2 means global cooling!

30-Sep-2011 Byron Forbes: Oscillation is the acceleration of a mass
29-Sep-2011 Alen: Doing away with real analysis
22-Sep-2011 Aetherist: there is NO! kinetic energy
16-Sep-2011 Androcles: Mission accomplished.
15-Sep-2011 Byron Forbes: Experiments? Too Funny
14-Sep-2011 Byron Forbes: If it's not on the web it's bullshit.
7-Sep-2011 Aetherist: Measurements be damned
6-Sep-2011 Byron Forbes: no Doppler, idiot

12-Jan-2010 glird: If you don't believe your senseless evidence, try a thermometer

5-Dec-2009 Henry Wilson: Who said there are no stupid questions?

24-Nov-2009 glird: high level of intelligence

4-Oct-2009 Androcles: Use UV


27-Jul-2009 Alen: You are wasting your time
26-Jul-2009 Androcles: The Androcles Vector Convention
9-Jul-2009 Mike (aka Bill Smith aka Eleatis aka Undeniable: Your mission is to humiliate people that understand the bogus nature of SR.
9-Jul-2009 Androcles: Incorrect syntax
4-Jul-2009 Mike (aka Bill Smith aka Eleatis aka Undeniable: The Eleatis Criterion
4-Jul-2009 Mike (aka Bill Smith aka Eleatis aka Undeniable): The most vicious individual I have ever come accross anywhere
2-Jul-2009 kk (aka Brian D. Jones, Cadwgan Gedrych, Martin Miller, Edward Travis, Ron Aikas, Roy Royce, John Reid, ...): Proof of absolute time

14-Jun-2009 Stamenin: I don't like to measure the length
2-Jun-2009 Albertito: This is how Albertito does science

27-May-2009 Androcles: Pity a spreadsheet doesn't agree with you
6-May-2009 Androcles: Miserable Coordinate Transformation Understanding Failure

27-Apr-2009 Phil: Would someone please explain to ...
12-Apr-2009 Koobee Wublee (aka ...): No frames of references are special

30-Mar-2009 David Strich: Trying to make people use their brain
30-Mar-2009 David Strich: Strich does the Maxwell
26-Mar-2009 David Strich: You must be on THC again
18-Mar-2009 Marcel Luttgens: Luttgens does the Taylor
18-Mar-2009 Marcel Luttgens: Luttgens does the Doppler
15-Mar-2009 John Jones: I am not a student, I am a thinker.

16-Feb-2009 Henri Wilson: note how easy it is

2-Jan-2009 Androcles: "I'm not older than you are, you are younger than I am":

31-Dec-2008 Ken Seto: His favourite BULL
30-Dec-2008 Henri Wilson: Zero aptitude for the subject
20-Dec-2008 Pentcho Valev: no no no, "LOGICIANS call this an implication"
16-Dec-2008 Brian D. Jones (aka bjones aka ...): Einstein disagrees with you

5-Nov-2008 David Strich (aka etc...): Only I can prove the non-existence of a non-existent entity.
5-Nov-2008 David Strich (aka etc...): There it is, still nice and easy.
5-Nov-2008 dwhig265: The logic of the "dwh" as "mathematical symbol desinnating light speed percentage"

31-Oct-2008 Hayek: A clock is an inertiameter.
28-Oct-2008 Robert B. Winn: Moving at rest
24-Oct-2008 Brian D. Jones: CAD designer logic at its best
16-Oct-2008 xxein: Subjectivity of measurement against objectivity of daydreaming.
9-Oct-2008 David Strich (aka ...): That has always been your waterloo
8-Oct-2008 David Strich (aka ...): Relativity is disproven for good
3-Oct-2008 Ken Seto: Testing Seto's Understanding
2-Oct-2008 Peter Riedt: After 48 years we can buy the solution
2-Oct-2008 David Strich (aka...): Be specific. (Impossible task for relativity trolls.)

30-Sep-2008 Stamenin: "Do not ask me to correct any mistake in your calculus"
30-Sep-2008 glird: and four is a group
30-Sep-2008 glird: There IS no acceleration
19-Sep-2008 David Strich (aka iqgoogol@gmail.com aka ...): Learning physics from a dictionary
17-Sep-2008 Marcel Luttgens: Lack of comments
16-Sep-2008 Ken Seto: Ah... The GPS second
15-Sep-2008 James Driscoll (Spaceman): You see how to construct a sentence?
13-Sep-2008 James Driscoll (Spaceman): The question that needs both a yes and a no
13-Sep-2008 James Driscoll (Spaceman): I am not posting about relativity
10-Sep-2008 Pentcho Valev (and Henri Wilson): Musings about PHYSICALLY different clocks
10-Sep-2008 David Strich (aka...): Terminology Panic
8-Sep-2008 David Strich (aka iqgoogol@gmail.com aka ...): I don't simply admit that I can't.
4-Sep-2008 David Strich (aka iqgoogol@gmail.com aka ...) : Self-Misquotes
1-Sep-2008 xxein and Spaceman: Good way of saying that

25-Aug-2008 Ken Seto: Never in a state of rest
25-Aug-2008 Androcles: Androcles and the Operators
24-Aug-2008 NoEinstein: You are an in-the-mold DUNCE
17-Aug-2008 Pentcho Valev: Pentcho makes a synopsis
14-Aug-2008 David Strich (aka aka...): Reconstruction: Challenge, Reply, Contempt, Exercise, CRAP
12-Aug-2008 David Strich (aka iqgoogol@gmail.com aka ...): They are not DEPARTING
11-Aug-2008 David Strich (aka iqgoogol@gmail.com aka ...): Keep on arguing your stupid premises
9-Aug-2008 David Strich (aka iqgoogol@gmail.com aka ...): Science according to a maliciously lying imbecile
7-Aug-2008 Loius Savain (Traveler): Louis Savain and the Abstract Quantity
4-Aug-2008 Koobee Wublee: A plausible explanation
3-Aug-2008 Maxwell: The impossibility of simultaneity
2-Aug-2008 David Strich (aka iqgoogol@gmail.com aka ...): Eat more bananas

24-Jul-2008 Andre Michaud: "Semiconductor technology owes nothing to Quantum Mechanics"
22-Jul-2008 Eugene Shubert (Shubee): Complete Misunderstanding

23-Jun-2008 Pete Brown (pmb): I'm not interested in flaming.
12-Jun-2008 Ken Seto: There is no preferred frame, therefore there is a preferred frame.

21-May-2008 Mike (aka Bill Smith aka Eleatis aka Undeniable): An imbecile's response to a formal proof.

26-Apr-2008 Surfer (Cahill): Errorbars not necessary for initial discovery
19-Apr-2008 Ken Seto: Not special or preferred, therefore special and preferred.
17-Apr-2008 Juan R. González-Álvarez: Guidelines for evading a question and fabricating quotes.
9-Apr-2008 Androcles: Teaching Androcles

22-Mar-2008 Albertito: The returning vacuum boomerang
18-Mar-2008 Nade: Androcles, the intellectual giant
5-Mar-2008 Albertito: "Am I stupid, disgusting or both?"

25-Feb-2008 Juan R. González-Álvarez (aka Lady Chacha): I Follow Guidelines

24-Jan-2008 Albertito: Special Relativity fails a simple algebraic test
23-Jan-2008 Albertito: Yes, I've figured it out
23-Jan-2008 Albertito: e vanishes. We can't find an identity element.
17-Jan-2008 Androcles: "don't even know what a transformation is"
3-Jan-2008 Androcles: Only a cross-eyed moron

27-Dec-2007 Ken Seto: Why Creationism and Evolution are Compatible.
20-Dec-2007 Androcles: Einstein OMITTED the return journey
19-Dec-2007 NoEinstein: "No posturing, or chest beating, please, you pompous pest!"
8-Dec-2007 Henri Wilson: "Well, I'm certainly not anti semetic but ..."

10-Oct-2007 Ken Tucker: "I am a general relativity expert, but how does one calculate an integral?"

27-Sep-2007 Androcles: Any theory is crap if it makes assumptions.
8-Sep-2007 Pentcho Valev: Does this deserve a place among your fumbles?

25-Aug-2007 Androcles: Blue will not be superimposed on red.
12-Aug-2007 Androcles: I don't need to guess.
6-Aug-2007 Androcles: Around the planet in 24 hours, ergo speed zero.

29-May-2007 Marcel Luttgens: The result is a dimensionless number, thus not an angle.
19-May-2007 Androcles: Engineers and percentages

28-Apr-2007 Surfer: Why shouldn't?
15-Apr-2007 Louis Savain (traveler): The World According To Savain
11-Apr-2007 Louis Savain (Traveler): Absolute Motion

26-Mar-2007 Robert B. Winn: We are talking about light.
24-Mar-2007 Jonas Thornvall: Preferably not before the age of 13
21-Mar-2007 Marcel Luttgens: The purpose of my deliberately wrong idea
15-Mar-2007 Jonas Thornvall: ONLY AN IDIOT
8-Mar-2007 Androcles: Therefore it was impossible
2-Mar-2007 Androcles: Androcles and the Motion

22-Feb-2007 Androcles: Androcles' Amplitude Modulation
17-Feb-2007 Lester Zick: Trying to teach a Circular Imbecile

31-Jan-2007 Androcles (aka Dumbledore aka ...): Androcles explains what the problem is
28-Jan-2007 Androcles (aka Dumbledore aka ...): Ergo x-rays are faster than visible light.
24-Jan-2007 André Michaud: Instant Replenishing
21-Jan-2007 Mike (aka Eleatis aka Bill Smith aka Undeniable...): The school book example of a Straw Man Argument
19-Jan-2007 Jan Verheul (Jaco Verheij): "Physics is a branch of mathematics, of course."
15-Jan-2007 Koobee Wublee (Australopithecus Afarensis ...): The Absurd Claim of the Imbecile about the Metric as a Tensor
8-Jan-2007 Mike (aka Eleatis aka Bill Smith aka Undeniable): An Imbecile's Fight With His Home Planet

28-Dec-2006 Androcles (Sorcerer): Try a flashlight? - No Way.
28-Dec-2006 Koobee Wublee (Australopithecus Afarensis ...): The Private Lagrangian - revisited
26-Dec-2006 Mike (aka Eleatis aka Undeniable aka Bill Smith aka crank_hunter): Science By Laying A Turd For People To Step In.
26-Dec-2006 Marcel Luttgens: The imbecile strikes again!
25-Dec-2006 Androcles (Sorcerer): The acceleration goes up while the velocity goes down? No way, Jose!
24-Dec-2006 Androcles (Sorcerer): Androcles, the "human being who deserves respect for being who he is."
23-Dec-2006 Ken Seto: Seto adds the cherry on the cake!
22-Dec-2006 Marcel Luttgens: "You found that total kinetic energy is frame dependent, which is false"
22-Dec-2006 Marcel Luttgens: Luttgens debunks "Einsteinian relativity"
14-Dec-2006 Androcles (Sorcerer): A Malicious Imbecile detects a contradiction
13-Dec-2006 Mike (aka Eleatis aka Bill Smith aka Undeniable): Are you sure? - I will use it against you.
11-Dec-2006 Mike (aka Eleatis aka Bill Smith aka Undeniable): The Imbecile puts up a Challenge
6-Dec-2006 Michael Hell (Mike Helland): 23 years old ans already a Philosopher of Digital Science
5-Dec-2006 Paradise_@kaxy.com: "despite your insistence"
5-Dec-2006 MobyDikc (Mike Helland - Michael Hell): I suppose you might be a greater physicist than he?
4-Dec-2006 Mike (aka Eleatis aka Bill Smith aka Undeniable): The reason why I study SR
4-Dec-2006 Ken Seto: Seto's way of taking a compliment

22-Nov-2006 Androcles (Sorcerer): Logshuh revisited
21-Nov-2006 Jan Verheul (Jaco Verheij): My Religion says that Special Relativity must be wrong
19-Nov-2006 Jan Verheul (Jaco Verheij): this follows immediately from your words "this is Physics"
15-Nov-2006 Androcles (Sorcerer): The vacuum tube as an ideal metallic conductor
13-Nov-2006 Androcles (Sorcerer): Stupid question for Dork Van de merde
13-Nov-2006 Androcles (Sorcerer): Why killer earthquakes hit during night
11-Nov-2006 Mike (aka Eleatis aka Bill Smith aka Undeniable): (C) Mike

31-Oct-2006 Koobee Wublee (Austroalopithecus Afarensis): It is very lonely at the top
27-Oct-2006 Androcles (Sorcerer): Who is the shithead?
18-Oct-2006 Mike (aka Eleatis aka Bill Smith aka Undeniable): "Where the hell did you stydy physics?"
15-Oct-2006 Androcles (Sorcerer): Einstein divides by zero, you lyin' bloody-minded pervert.
8-Oct-2006 Marcel Luttgens: A Crackpot's Sense of Ethics
7-Oct-2006 Androcles (Golden Boar): Perhaps you should make a guest appearance
2-Oct-2006 Androcles (Sorcerer): Simultaneity in spacetime
1-Oct-2006 Androcles (Sorcerer): The ultimate refutation of the Big Bang
1-Oct-2006 Koobee Wublee (Australopithecus Afarensis ...): I smell the absolute value of the spacetime here
1-Oct-2006 Koobee Wublee (Australopithecus Afarensis ...): You have two different metrics

27-Sep-2006 Marcel Luttgens: "SR fundamental contradiction"
25-Sep-2006 Androcles (Sorcerer): I've got it backwards? I don't even care.
22-Sep-2006 Henri Wilson: Fucking little shit - I can forge any degree.
18-Sep-2006 Mike (aka Bill Smith aka Eleatis aka Undeniable): I don't get it - Wooaoua!!!
18-Sep-2006 Mike (aka eleatis aka Bill Smith aka Undeniable): "I blame cheap education for this retarded behavior"
18-Sep-2006 Androcles (Sorcerer): "Distances are Vectors"
17-Sep-2006 Androcles (Sorcerer): The sound of Madness
17-Sep-2006 Androcles (Sorcerer): Let me think this through.
17-Sep-2006 Mike (aka Eleatis aka Bill Smith aka Undeniable): The Fine Art of Entirely Missing The Point
8-Sep-2006 Androcles (Sorcerer): Androcles, inventor of the differentation constant
6-Sep-2006 Androcles (Sorcerer): So what does Einstein do?
3-Sep-2006 Koobee Wublee (Australopithecus Afarensis): Differential Geometry - the Aerospace way
3-Sep-2006 Androcles (Sorcerer): Androcles the polar coordinates manager
1-Sep-2006 Androcles (Sorcerer): Beaten by logic, huh?

23-Aug-2006 Androcles (Sorcerer): "Let me tell you something. I'm drunk."
22-Aug-2006 Koobee Wublee (Australopihecus Afarensis): The Sphere with the Flat Surface
19-Aug-2006 Androcles (Sorcerer): The Manhattan metric - simple enough
17-Aug-2006 Androcles (Sorcerer): Show the mistake, doofus.
12-Aug-2006 Androcles (Sorcerer): Ah, you have a "wife"
8-Aug-2006 Androcles (Sorcerer): Wet Ice? An engineer's help.

18-Jul-2006 Zanket: I can keep the hobby

4-Jun-2006 Mike (aka Eleatis aka Bill Smith aka Undeniable): failing to declare SR and GR garbage.
1-Jun-2006 Koobee Wublee (Australopithecus Afarensis, ...): Lorentz Transform is a tale of 3 points

29-May-2006 Androcles (The Sorcerer): Nothing there about average speed.
25-May-2006 Marcel Luttgens: You are stupid, I didn't use SR in my present derivation!
15-May-2006 Peter Riedt (Peri of Pera): An imbecile troll in action
14-May-2006 Mike (aka Bill Smith aka Eleatis aka Undeniable): "This is what Androcles is trying to teach you."
14-May-2006 Androcles (Hexenmeister): XOR - Wild Stabbing Rampage
12-May-2006 Androcles (Hexenmeister): xor does *not* imply or
10-May-2006 kk (aka Brian D. Jones, Cadwgan Gedrych, Martin Miller, Edward Travis, Ron Aikas, Roy Royce, John Reid, ...) : The mathematical proof revisited
10-May-2006 Androcles (Hexenmeister): "Fuck off, self-contradictory cowardly moronic cunt."
9-May-2006 Androcles (Golden Boar): Because it leads to the following
5-May-2006 Androcles: 30 questions in 31 minutes ==> "Average 6 minutes and 12 seconds per question"
5-May-2006 Androcles: When, psychopath, when?
5-May-2006 Jan Panteltje: So, what is yours? Slander?
3-May-2006 Ken Seto: I said all the current text books. I didn't say an introductory text book
2-May-2006 kk (aka Brian D. Jones, Cadwgan Gedrych, Martin Miller, Edward Travis, Ron Aikas, Roy Royce, John Reid, ...) : How (-many times) to explain to an autistic imbecile how science works
2-May-2006 Henri Wilson: "You have all the religious conviction of a suicide bomber."
2-May-2006 Androcles (Hexenmeister): ACCELERATING objects in an INERTIAL frame? Gibberish.
1-May-2006 Androcles (Hexenmeister): A tiny mind's visualization of a transformation

29-Apr-2006 André Michaud (srp): That's exactly what you said.
28-Apr-2006 Androcles (Hexenmeister): Verified research? You are spouting hearsay
27-Apr-2006 Vertner Vergon: "You're suffering from myopea"
26-Apr-2006 Androcles (Hexenmeister): Pythagoras still on his side
26-Apr-2006 Androcles (Hexenmeister): Relative speed, Phuckwit Duck?
25-Apr-2006 Androcles (Hexenmeister): Negative time means that a clock runs backwards
22-Apr-2006 Oren C. Webster (Eleaticus): An imbecile having a go at physics.
22-Apr-2006 Marcel Luttgens: The Hypothetical Insult, an imbecile's last resort?
21-Apr-2006 Oren C. Webster (Eleaticus): "Try again, highly enhanced asshole"
20-Apr-2006 Androcles (Hexenmeister): Breaking one's mind over Closing Speed
19-Apr-2006 Androcles (Hexenmeister): "We are not discussing f(x,y), cunt."
18-Apr-2006 Henry Haapalainen: Dynamic and Static Speed
17-Apr-2006 Mike (aka Bill Smith aka Eleatis aka Undeniable): Physics 101 re-invented again once more
16-Apr-2006 Androcles (Hexenmeister): Do you realize you are fucking idiot?
16-Apr-2006 Androcles (Hexenmeister): Partial Differential Equations Revisited Again!
16-Apr-2006 Mike (aka Bill Smith aka Eleatis aka Undeniable): Physics 101 re-invented again once more
16-Apr-2006 Koobee Wublee (Australopithecus Afarensis...): The reason why special relativity is bogus
16-Apr-2006 Koobee Wublee (Australopithecus Afarensis...): The reason why the laws of physics exist
15-Apr-2006 Mike (aka Bill Smith aka Eleatis aka Undeniable): Physics 101 re-invented again
15-Apr-2006 Mike (aka Bill Smith aka Eleatis aka Undeniable): Physics 101 re-invented
15-Apr-2006 Androcles (Hexenmeister): XOR revisited
11-Apr-2006 Franklinhu: "One of the greatest mis-statements in scientific history"

30-Mar-2006 Androcles (Hexenmeister): Looks like Boolean algebra
29-Mar-2006 James Driscoll (Spaceman): You can not mathematically devide a 0
28-Mar-2006 Marcel Luttgens: Sure, but logarithms also take some computing time
23-Mar-2006 David Thomson: The Strong Paper Force
23-Mar-2006 James Driscoll (Spaceman): "pathalogical lying sack of shit PD"
22-Mar-2006 Henri Wilson: The Downunder version of the Anthropic Principle.
18-Mar-2006 Hayek: We bet on future results, after inventing FTL radio, for instance.
18-Mar-2006 Androcles (Hexenmeister): By the fundamental theorem
14-Mar-2006 Androcles (Hexenmeister): No, I can't do it.
11-Mar-2006 Androcles (Hexenmeister): Nobody wants to respond after 16 hours?
10-Mar-2006 David Seppala: Another every day experience
9-Mar-2006 Androcles (Hexenmeister): The AC teachings of an electrical engineer, revisited already
9-Mar-2006 Androcles (Hexenmeister): The AC teachings of an electrical engineer
8-Mar-2006 Androcles (Hexenmeister): On conic sections and "what's so special about integers zero and one?"
5-Mar-2006 James Harris: Pain? What are you talking about?

23-Feb-2006 Henri Wilson: Unfortunately, you omitted all the relevant material.
23-Feb-2006 Tom Potter: I will be looking forward to seeing Dork's imaginary "holes".
20-Feb-2006 Androcles (Hexenmeister): Androcles and The Fine Art Of Not Getting The Point.
19-Feb-2006 Mike (aka Bill Smith aka Eleatis aka Undeniable): A crackpot's go at sociology
18-Feb-2006 Thomas Garcia (tomgee): Zero brain - Zero mass
17-Feb-2006 Androcles (Hexenmeister): You've been trying to learn from idiots
17-Feb-2006 Koobee Wublee (Australopithecus Afarensis...): Lagrangian - New Style
5-Feb-2006 Henri Wilson: An imbecile rapidly comes to a conclusion
2-Feb-2006 Thomas Garcia (tomgee): It is essential to define time

27-Jan-2006 Henri Wilson: One can't help laughing at these people
27-Jan-2006 Juan R.: A concise overview of non-canonical-oriented research programs.
26-Jan-2006 Androcles (Hexenmeister): Lock Me Up - Please!
26-Jan-2006 Allyou!: "As shown by this post, the dishonesty is all yours."
25-Jan-2006 Androcles: A courageous fight with linearity
23-Jan-2006 James Driscoll (Spaceman): Spaceman defines straight and curvature
23-Jan-2006 Ernest Wittke (Einsteinhoax): "Defining Inertial and Gravitational Accelerations"
23-Jan-2006 Androcles (Hexenmeister): Why Androcles should see a doctor.
22-Jan-2006 Louis Savain (Traveler): NOTHING MOVES IN AUTISTIC SPACETIME
19-Jan-2006 Androcles (Hexenmeister): "RBWinn knows more than you ever will."
19-Jan-2006 Robert B. Winn: I hope that this will help you.
19-Jan-2006 Robert B. Winn: What are you trying to hide?
18-Jan-2006 Slavek Krepelka: A Pearl for a Swine
15-Jan-2006 Ken Seto: Isotropy of the Vertical Direction - once more
11-Jan-2006 James Driscoll (Spaceman): Variables should be variable.
11-Jan-2006 Androcles (Hexenmeister): "Ignorant moron"
8-Jan-2006 Androcles (Hexenmeister): Arrogant Ignorance of history.

29-Dec-2005 Mike (aka Bill Smith aka Eleatis aka Undeniable): Brain holes
19-Dec-2005 Androcles: Name one experiment...
13-Dec-2005 Androcles: Good teachers are not indoctrinators.
12-Dec-2005 Androcles (Norbert): Two turds with one shovel.
8-Dec-2005 David Thomson: I have allowed the data to lead me to the truth
6-Dec-2005 xxein: Fighting crap with even more crap
3-Dec-2005 Androcles (Dastardly Fiend): There is a coordinate 5 hours ago.
3-Dec-2005 Ken Seto and David Thomson: A little disagreement over the properties of the ether
1-Dec-2005 Gerald O'Barr: And you are scum!

30-Nov-2005 Henri Wilson: Answer: Some Kind of Speed Unification
26-Nov-2005 Androcles: Negative distance
20-Nov-2005 Androcles: Useless Ignoramus
19-Nov-2005 Koobee Wublee (Australopithecus Afarensis...): "I am afraid you are losing it."
11-Nov-2005 Androcles (Black Knight): Kinetic Energy? "Fuck off, you pompous, arrogant arsehole."
9-Nov-2005 Androcles: Charm

30-Oct-2005 Androcles: "Needless to say I was fully aware the whole time..."
30-Oct-2005 Mike (aka Bill Smith aka Eleatis aka Undeniable) : God save us from the idiots Androcles
24-Oct-2005 Allyou!: Musings on the speed of light
24-Oct-2005 Androcles: Androcles and the Variables
22-Oct-2005 Androcles: Androcles applies a transformation
21-Oct-2005 Marcel Luttgens: LuttgensLogic
17-Oct-2005 Marcel Luttgens: "Let's apply Einstein's LT derivation to the MMX"
15-Oct-2005 Mike (aka Bill Smith aka Eleatis aka Undeniable): "Idiot, you are hidding behind your own ratten fingure"
12-Oct-2005 Androcles: Help me pretend that I can't see this (revisited)
10-Oct-2005 Mike (aka Bill Smith aka Eleatis aka Undeniable): "Whether it is right or wrong I stock with it."
7-Oct-2005 Thomas Garcia (TomGee): "You missed something in learning about relativity"
7-Oct-2005 Ken Seto: You don't even understand what length contraction means in SR
6-Oct-2005 Androcles: I see no difference between FALSE and FALSE.
5-Oct-2005 Androcles: Seek psychiatric help (and fuck off).
4-Oct-2005 Rod Ryker: Go back too school

30-Sep-2005 Mike (aka Bill Smith aka Eleatis aka Undeniable): The square root idiot in your head dipshit.
29-Sep-2005 Jim Greenfield: More crap!
26-Sep-2005 Androcles: How to make friends for life.
24-Sep-2005 Marcel Luttgens: "But you are plainly wrong"
24-Sep-2005 Marcel Luttgens: Indulging in wishful thinking
23-Sep-2005 Androcles: Infinitely Stupid Revisited
21-Sep-2005 Androcles: I have no idea what you are talking about so YOU are infinitely stupid.
18-Sep-2005 Mike (aka Bill Smith aka Eleatis aka Undeniable): "That is not what Einstein said"
14-Sep-2005 Marcel Luttgens: Luttgens gives an intelligent comment and makes an exercise
14-Sep-2005 Androcles: Androgroups
11-Sep-2005 Mike (aka Bill Smith aka Eleatis aka Undeniable): Meeting The Man Bourbaki
7-Sep-2005 Marcel Luttgens: What a true SR crackpot accepts
7-Sep-2005 Marcel Luttgens: "Who are the true crackpots?"
6-Sep-2005 Thomas: "If I had to review a paper"
2-Sep-2005 Thomas: "You have a flawed understanding of maths"
2-Sep-2005 Thomas: Mathematically inconsistent
2-Sep-2005 Thomas: "Where you are going wrong"
1-Sep-2005 Thomas: "not quite with you"

29-Aug-2005 John Schoenfeld: Variation on "My lawyer will contact yours"
27-Aug-2005 John Schoenfeld: Thanks
24-Aug-2005 Thomas: In fact it is hopelessly flawed and makes me cringe.
23-Aug-2005 Androcles: Air currents
23-Aug-2005 Androcles (and André Michaud): The prosecutor's offer: *plonk*
20-Aug-2005 Thomas: "I have an M.Sc. in Physics and a Ph.D in Astronomy"
20-Aug-2005 Mike (aka Bill Smith aka Eleatis aka Undeniable): "Only in your psychotic mind it is like that."
20-Aug-2005 Mike (aka Bill Smith aka Eleatis aka Undeniable): "I hope you learned something today"
19-Aug-2005 Mike (aka Bill Smith aka Eleatis aka Undeniable): A Fun Playground for Irrelevant Remarks
18-Aug-2005 Thomas Garcia (TomGee): Not of this world
18-Aug-2005 Thomas Garcia (TomGee): TERRORIST ALERT!! This moron sends your replies to alt. moron.
17-Aug-2005 Androcles: Androcles calculates a Lagrangian
17-Aug-2005 Androcles: Androcles takes a limit
15-Aug-2005 Mike (aka Bill Smith aka Eleatis aka Undeniable): the Dirt of usenet
13-Aug-2005 Mike (aka Bill Smith aka Eleatis aka Undeniable): "No, you are an imbecile and stupid"
7-Aug-2005 Paul Stowe: 3 parts is all of them

23-Jul-2005 David Seppala: My every day experience
15-Jul-2005 Jim Greenfield: Tragedy
5-Jul-2005 Pentcho Valev: The Einsteinian's nightmare
1-Jul-2005 Androcles (Arthur Dent): "Tied to that same inertial frame at the start and at the end"

30-Jun-2005 Pentcho Valev: No progress - Subnormal "integration" and profane folklor
30-Jun-2005 Len Gaasenbeek: Relativity used by terrorists!
23-Jun-2005 El Hemetis: Velocities are vectors that become speeds when isotropy is imposed.
23-Jun-2005 Pentcho Valev: The Initiated and Their Problem
20-Jun-2005 Androcles (Arthur Dent): The Incredible Wavelength Frequency Relation
20-Jun-2005 Thomas Garcia (TomGee): The only way to settle the silliness of current physics
16-Jun-2005 Marcel Luttgens: "The reality is much simpler"
14-Jun-2005 Thomas Garcia (TomGee): Smack Dab
14-Jun-2005 Louis Savain (Traveler): "Nobody has ever tested the speed of the electric field."
13-Jun-2005 Thomas Garcia (TomGee): CRAP
13-Jun-2005 (Anonymous Coward): bullshitisimo
12-Jun-2005 Louis Savain (Traveler): There may be a conspiracy in there somewhere.
6-Jun-2005 Paulps (*** rD): How can I check this ?
3-Jun-2005 Henri Wilson: Logic With a Vengeance
3-Jun-2005 Thomas Garcia (TomGee): Telescopic Time Travel

30-May-2005 Ernest Wittke (Einsteinhoax): H.Wilsons site has may things correct.
28-May-2005 Louis Savain (Traveler): Savain's answer to a simple, practical, engineering question
25-May-2005 Thomas Garcia (TomGee): There is no such animal as "rest mass"
21-May-2005 Androcles (Arthur Dent): Muons are 29,999 meters long.
18-May-2005 Louis Savain (Traveler): Full Blown Insanity
13-May-2005 Louis Savain (Traveler): "You fucking bore me Perkins. And you are wasting my time. Eat shit."
8-May-2005 Ernest Wittke (Einsteinhoax): My chronic misunderstanding
1-May-2005 Paul Stowe: The correct specific power equation

29-Apr-2005 Marcel Luttgens: Why is x' negative? - I can't swallow such crap
28-Apr-2005 Koobee Wublee (Australopithecus Afarensis...): A Retired Aerospace Engineer's view on General Relativity
26-Apr-2005 Allyou!: Pi is a relationship, not a value.
26-Apr-2005 John Polasek: If you are using c = 1 I'm out of here.
23-Apr-2005 Aleksandar Vukelja: The differential form dx/dt has no meaning with uniform motion.
22-Apr-2005 Louis Savain (Traveler): A polite conversation
22-Apr-2005 Aleksandar Vukelja: Trolling admitted: "as long as there is at least one paradox"
21-Apr-2005 Marcel Luttgens: Don't be a moron like me
20-Apr-2005 Marcel Luttgens: Luttgens Relativity
20-Apr-2005 Aleksandar Vukelja: Symmetrical Transformation
20-Apr-2005 Aleksandar Vukelja: "To do you justice, I'll explain in detail below"
14-Apr-2005 Aleksandar Vukelja: Equation Blindness

15-Mar-2005 Aleksandar Vukelja: I must give them a short lesson.
8-Mar-2005 Oren C. Webster (Eleaticus): Corrupt Idiocy
7-Mar-2005 Koobee Wublee (Australopithecus Afarensis...): Gravitational Potential - New Style
5-Mar-2005 Ken Seto: Seto-Algebra to silence the aetherists

24-Feb-2005 Androcles: Music is a strictly mathematical entity without any physical meaning
24-Feb-2005 Androcles: Faraday, taken by Maxwell into his own suite.
20-Feb-2005 Barry Mingst (greywolf42): Aren't I disgusting?
19-Feb-2005 Mike (aka Bill Smith aka Eleatis aka Undeniable): Hi psycho
16-Feb-2005 Androcles: Hope that helps.
14-Feb-2005 Jim Greenfield: The Prize is yours
11-Feb-2005 Androcles: "The formal mathematical disproof of relativity - by Androcles"
10-Feb-2005 Androcles: Explaining something to a donkey
9-Feb-2005 Allyou!: BADDA BING! Lying Moron!
7-Feb-2005 Mike (aka Bill Smith aka Eleatis aka Undeniable) : Are you so stupid Dink-Donk?
1-Feb-2005 Barry Mingst (Greywolf42): What a pathetic lie

28-Jan-2005 Androcles: Time is Frequency
27-Jan-2005 Androcles: Idiots and Vectors
26-Jan-2005 Henri Wilson & Jim Greenfield: "The whole of western society is one great cover-up"
25-Jan-2005 Allyou!: Your transparency is laughable.
24-Jan-2005 Ken Seto: The Killing Subset Runt
24-Jan-2005 Androcles: The Androcles Vector Objection
19-Jan-2005 Androcles: A component contradicting invariance
17-Jan-2005 Androcles: [snip crap]
12-Jan-2005 Androcles: "So you know how to use logs, huh?"
10-Jan-2005 Androcles: Teaching an ape
6-Jan-2005 Oren C. Webster (Eleaticus): I think I'll post this one periodically!
6-Jan-2005 Androcles: "To play a part" is the same as "To be"
4-Jan-2005 Oren C. Webster (Eleaticus): Show the formula
3-Jan-2005 Androcles: Explaining vector spaces

30-Dec-2004 Androcles: Gamma and radio penetrates dust.
28-Dec-2004 Androcles: How an ape responds to teaching
28-Dec-2004 Androcles: How to confuse amplitude with wavelength.
24-Dec-2004 Androcles: Newton for beginners
23-Dec-2004 jahn (aka Sue): It's dark at night, so it's always dark
22-Dec-2004 Allyou!: "I know your motives, asshole"
17-Dec-2004 Androcles: Androcles, the Linguist
14-Dec-2004 Androcles: The length of a vector according to Androcles
9-Dec-2004 Allyou!: Allyou! does The Androcles

22-Nov-2004 Androcles: Pythagoras revisited
22-Nov-2004 Oren C. Webster (Eleaticus): "It is not a scaling factor, schzoid"
22-Nov-2004 Allyou!: Observable (but Unexplainable) Motion
20-Nov-2004 Androcles: UTTER CRAP!!
5-Nov-2004 Androcles: Negative infinity perhaps?

26-Oct-2004 Henri Wilson: "As far as I can see"
25-Oct-2004 Allyou!: "You know physics (maybe), but I know psychology." - I Am Not A Troll!
20-Oct-2004 jahn (aka Sue): Orthonormal forces
19-Oct-2004 Androcles: Solving a set of 2 equations with 2 unknowns - Revisited
18-Oct-2004 Androcles: I STILL DON'T GET IT!!!
18-Oct-2004 Allyou!: Time is the derivative of distance and velocity.
17-Oct-2004 Androcles: "It is your integrity that is on the line, buddy, for all to see"
15-Oct-2004 Allyou!: "... to show every lurker how much of an asshole you really are"
14-Oct-2004 Androcles: Roberts' persusaive rhetoric - We have a problem.
4-Oct-2004 Androcles: Sanity check - Looks good
1-Oct-2004 Oren C. Webster (Eleaticus): The Velocity-Contraction-Dilation Fiasco in SR
1-Oct-2004 Oren C. Webster (Eleaticus): Several crimes against logic and science

30-Sep-2004 Allyou!: Fabricating a quote as a proof of someone's cowardice
21-Sep-2004 Androcles: Androclean Distributivity
20-Sep-2004 Cadwgan Gedrych (aka Brian D. Jones, Martin Miller, Edward Travis, Ron Aikas, Roy Royce, John Reid, Kurt Kingston, ...) : based on a definition given by man
17-Sep-2004 Androcles: Now put your Pythagorean hat on
14-Sep-2004 Androcles: "How does a fucking stupid lying moron like you get through life?"
14-Sep-2004 Androcles: ROFLMAO!!! - Precious!
6-Sep-2004 Androcles & Henri Wilson: Shudder - Gradients according to Androcles and Wilson
5-Sep-2004 Androcles: Androcles and the LIAR - revisited

30-Aug-2004 Thomas Garcia (TomGee): Those Great Minds
27-Aug-2004 Androcles: Drag? Utter Tripe, Utter Nonsense
25-Aug-2004 Androcles: Sound [speed] DOES depend on source speed.
25-Aug-2004 Androcles: Pure nonsense. Satellites don't move.
25-Aug-2004 Androcles: "What makes me chuckle"
24-Aug-2004 Androcles: Androcles, the Inertial Frame Jumper
24-Aug-2004 Androcles: Toothless Bite
19-Aug-2004 Androcles: Is no one here competent enough to grasp a simple experiment/example?
18-Aug-2004 Marcel Luttgens: How to be stupid and "How to lie with statistics"
16-Aug-2004 Androcles: Using the Lorentz Transformation
10-Aug-2004 Martin Miller (aka Brian D. Jones, Cadwgan Gedrych, Edward Travis, Ron Aikas, Roy Royce, John Reid, Kurt Kingston, ...): The mathematical proof
5-Aug-2004 Australopithecus Afarensis (Koobee Wublee): Now, what is wrong with this picture?
3-Aug-2004 Pentcho Valev: The Origin Of Infinity

29-Jul-2004 Androcles: Sheesh... if x' is already zero, how can you have a small part of it?
18-Jul-2004 Androcles: Solving a set of 2 equations with 2 unknowns
10-Jul-2004 Marcel Luttgens: Contemporary cosmologists are simply wrong.
8-Jul-2004 Androcles: "I CAN specify which root I mean"
3-Jul-2004 Androcles & Henri Wilson: What's nearly wrong with that?

30-Jun-2004 Androcles: Androcles and the quadratic equation
28-Jun-2004 Androcles: Grow up
28-Jun-2004 Androcles: Does the term "tautology" come to mind?
26-Jun-2004 Androcles: Meta-fumble material
24-Jun-2004 Androcles: The GIVEN moron
23-Jun-2004 Androcles: Pythagoras comes to the rescue!
23-Jun-2004 Mike (aka Bill Smith aka Eleatis aka Undeniable): Having real troubles with basic algebra?
20-Jun-2004 Androcles: Square roots revisited -- a MEGA META-fumble!
19-Jun-2004 xxein and Androcles: Negative square root support
16-Jun-2004 Ken Seto: "Weak charge" as opposed to "normal Charge"
14-Jun-2004 Ken Seto: Neutrino mass and charge
11-Jun-2004 Androcles: Infinitesimal = 0 - Whoopee
10-Jun-2004 Pentcho Valev: The Theory of Einstein-Andersen-Moortel-Sal
10-Jun-2004 Androcles: References to Books?
8-Jun-2004 Androcles: Yes, and they are one and the same
7-Jun-2004 Androcles: "You too are a bold faced liar"
5-Jun-2004 Androcles: Otherwise known as mutual time dilation
2-Jun-2004 Barry Mingst (greywolf42): The Troll in the Corner

30-May-2004 Harold Ellis Ensle: The world would be a better place
25-May-2004 Jim Greenfield: The Greenfield Defense
22-May-2004 Androcles: Heil Hitler
21-May-2004 Henri Wilson: Three objects in one plane
17-May-2004 Androcles: Just some advice, don't be offended
12-May-2004 Richard Perry: The temperature dependency of the electrostatic force
3-May-2004 Androcles and Henri Wilson: Let's Teach Them Some More Electromagnetics
3-May-2004 Androcles: "I AM an electronic engineer, professionaly"

28-Apr-2004 Androcles and Henri Wilson: Let's Teach Them Some Electromagnetics
27-Apr-2004 Androcles: "And you are farting out of your mouth, sputtering shit."
26-Apr-2004 Androcles: "Now you are being absurdly idiotic"
24-Apr-2004 Androcles: The speed of sound depends on the speed of the emitter
22-Apr-2004 Androcles: "Magnetic fields are used to accelerate electrons"
16-Apr-2004 John Schoenfeld: jerk, crackle and pop confusion
11-Apr-2004 Androcles: Time is Frequency, therefore Einstein is wrong

31-Mar-2004 Androcles: Moving Coordinates & Negative time revisited
30-Mar-2004 Androcles: Repeating once again
27-Mar-2004 Androcles: "One coulomb is 1 ampere per second."
25-Mar-2004 Ken Seto: The first photon will miss the target - Any more stupid questions?
24-Mar-2004 Androcles: "I Stand Upon The Shoulders"
22-Mar-2004 Harold Ellis Ensle: What if the dog eats the dice?
22-Mar-2004 Androcles: Regurgitated Shit Comprehension
19-MAr-2004 Ken Seto: ROTFLOL - runts - morons - simple riddle - obvious
16-Mar-2004 Androcles: "I'm not saying x =vt, I'm saying v =x/t."
15-Mar-2004 Ken Seto: Seto AND/OR the runt of the SRians.
14-Mar-2004 Androcles: GOGI = GIGO
11-Mar-2004 Androcles: Energy? Who ordered that?
7-Mar-2004 Ken Seto: An Infinite Number Of Mathematical Solutions

29-Feb-2004 Androcles: The Return of the Son of the Partial Differentials
26-Feb-2004 Androcles: Constant with respect to time, so dx/dt = kt?
27-Feb-2004 Androcles: Division by zero
26-Feb-2004 Androcles: Transformations are rubbish
23-Feb-2004 Ken Seto: Poor losers don't need to be gracious
21-Feb-2004 Rod Ryker: These are relative times.
19-Feb-2004 Ken Seto: Give me a reference
12-Feb-2004 Androcles: To Make A Fool Of Any Ralativist
11-Feb-2004 Androcles: Time Contraction!
9-Feb-2004 Henri Wilson: "as the value of epsilon is decreased"
5-Feb-2004 Androcles: "Are you sure about that?"

31-Jan-2004 Barry Mingst (Greywolf42): "Position is a scalar"
29-Jan-2004 Androcles: "I expect a dumb relativist gave you that wild idea."
23-Jan-2004 Androcles: "Assertion carries no weight"
22-Jan-2004 Androcles: Partial Differential Equations Revisited!
15-Jan-2004 Androcles: "Yes, but was the error in a = b, or the division by zero?"
13-Jan-2004 Androcles: Androcles in Vector Space
11-Jan-2004 Androcles: Negative time? Impossible!
10-Jan-2004 John Schoenfeld: Discrete and Continuous
8-Jan-2004 Androcles: Androcles and the Liar
5-Jan-2004 El Hemetis: Quantum Biochemistry
3-Jan-2004 El Hemetis: I simply conclude

24-Dec-2003 El Hemetis: More Biochemibra!
21-Dec-2003 Androcles: Load of crap like me, huh?
20-Dec-2003 Tom Potter: "I suggest that the article is full of holes."
20-Dec-2003 El Hemetis: The rise and fall of Lady Sanity
12-Dec-2003 Androcles: Androcles' Load of Crap
4-Dec-2003 Androcles: "Having a vision" as an argument

15-Nov-2003 Henri Wilson: Yes, I believe it because it supports my beliefs.
7-Nov-2003 Len Gaasenbeek: "Science is based on logic"
6-Nov-2003 Richard Perry: Simply put

30-Oct-2003 Jim Greenfield: ONE dimension only, right?
28-Oct-2003 Stephen Bint: Giving Relativity A Chance
25-Oct-2003 Alen: No I can't.
25-Oct-2003 Androcles: Help me pretending that I can't see it!
25-Oct-2003 Androcles: Prove that the equations have been proven
22-Oct-2003 Androcles: Full Blown Dishonesty - not even denied
15-Oct-2003 Richard Perry: Countering Ignorance with Stupidity
8-Oct-2003 Androcles: The Androcles Mirror Orientation
2-Oct-2003 Ken Seto: Ken's Relativity Theory (KRT)

30-Sep-2003 Henri Wilson: "It is a physical effect. GR has nothing to do with it."
29-Sep-2003 Henri Wilson: The Great Evidence Conspiracy
28-Sep-2003 Henri Wilson: "Force cannot be defined as 'ma'."
28-Sep-2003 Androcles: Androcles explains an equation
24-Sep-2003 Ken Tucker: The LT rebaptised: the Luttgens Tucker
24-Sep-2003 Androcles: Androcles the Relativist
23-Sep-2003 Henri Wilson: "Maybe this NG will regain some respectibility.."
22-Sep-2003 Henri Wilson: Henri Wilson Well and Truly Cornered.
21-Sep-2003 Androcles: My Spectacularly Subtle Sense of Humour
21-Sep-2003 Androcles: Desperately wrong, no way out... so let's chuckle a bit.
19-Sep-2003 Androcles: Logic is utter gibberish
22-Sep-2003 Barry Mingst (greywolf42): About unitairy choices of units.
10-Sep-2003 Max Keon: No I can't
9-Sep-2003 Richard Perry: The function of an accelerometer.

28-Aug-2003 Ken Seto: This is a complete distortion of GED's editorial policy.
28-Aug-2003 Ken Seto: Explosive Relativity - NO JOKE!

31-Jul-2003 Barry Mingst (greywolf42): Avoid ad hominem attacks, character assassination...
30-Jul-2003 Jim Greenfield: The role of democracy and mathematics in science
29-Jul-2003 Jim Greenfield: Relativity should cure cancer and food shortage
29-Jul-2003 G. L. Bradford Jr.: Bradford's Estimated Speed of Sun in Orbit of Galaxy
25-Jul-2003 Hayek: This is the right terminology, but then nobody understands
23-Jun-2003 Barry Mingst (greywolf42): Simple Clock Sychronisation Method.
22-Jul-2003 G. L. Bradford Jr.: Citing a quote, the Bradford way
11-Jul-2003 Ken Seto: The Ultimate Definition of Absolute Motion
10-Jul-2003 Ken Seto: Absolutely Relative Seto Logic
7-Jul-2003 Hayek: 10 years to reach my level of understanding of GR and biting without teeth.

29-Jun-2003 Barry Mingst (greywolf42): And I didn't call "you" a liar.
26-Jun-2003 Barry Mingst (greywolf42): Your Humble Opinion? A deliberate lie!
25-Jun-2003 Barry Mingst (greywolf42): Maxwell interpreted his own equations? That is a bold-faced lie!
24-Jun-2003 Ken Seto: The Ken Seto Law of Isotropy of Verticality
20-Jun-2003 Marcel Luttgens: when the speed of light is V < c
19-Jun-2003 Marcel Luttgens: I only used a Galilean analysis!
15-Jun-2003 Hayek: But I never heard of an electromagnetic field.
10-Jun-2003 Barry Mingst (greywolf42): GR assumes stable orbits as part of it's derivation.
10-Jun-2003 Barry Mingst (greywolf42): It is the EXACT formula.
10-Jun-2003 James Harris: NOTICE: Error in currently taught mathematics

26-May-2003 Barry Mingst (greywolf42): And all you need is speed of gravity
20-May-2003 Ken Seto: Proposed Seto's Transformation Equations
19-May-2003 Abhi: Look, I can't read *and* I'm stupid!
18-May-2003 Marcel Luttgens: And the arms never stop growing - hence the null result!
16-May-2003 Marcel Luttgens: Arms growing at lightspeed!
14-May-2003 Ken Seto: Hope this helps

30-Apr-2003 Henri Wilson: Whatever happened to the square root?
29-Apr-2003 Tom Van Flandern: Infinite series are approximations
28-Apr-2003 Tom Potter: Potter's way of interpreting a message.
25-Apr-2003 Barry Mingst (greywolf42): LOL! SR does not "falsify" newtonian physics.
23-Apr-2003 Robert B. Winn: Let's show them how We, Wise Welders use equations...
21-Apr-2003 Dennis McCarthy: The Son Of The Reading Comprehension Problem Of The Century
21-Apr-2003 Dennis McCarthy: The Reading Comprehension Problem Of The Century
21-Apr-2003 Richard Perry: Without so much as a howdy doo.
21-Apr-2003 Richard Perry: Let's derive the Lorentz Transformation and start with x' = x+vt
19-Apr-2003 James Harris: I *will* turn to the Army to help me with mathematicians.
18-Apr-2003 James Driscoll (Spaceman): Do you even read the groups name?
18-Apr-2003 James Driscoll (Spaceman): I don't a Peauntbrain except maybe you and your lemmings!
16-Apr-2003 Dennis McCarthy: Why are you, fellow etherist, not as stupid as we are?
15-Apr-2003 Barry Mingst (greywolf42): Another goodbye in this thread....
14-Apr-2003 Barry Mingst (greywolf42): The Grey Logic of Peer-Reviewed Originality
13-Apr-2003 Barry Mingst (greywolf42): Lorentz' opinion is irrelevant on the subject
12-Apr-2003 Billy X: You're going to have to work harder to answer it.
12-Apr-2003 Tom Milner-Gulland: The mechanical downfall of special relativity

19-Mar-2003 Harold Ellis Ensle: The Zero Postulate Reading Comprehension Problem.
17-Mar-2003 Tom Potter: To my knowledge, Hitler didn't attack anyone.
3-Mar-2003  CLC: About accepting theories
3-Mar-2003 Ken Seto: The simultaneity occurs at a different time interval.

27-Feb-2003 Thomas Garcia (TomGee): Intimate Fumbles of Reference
14-Feb-2003 James Driscoll (Spaceman): The largest circle? <ROFLOL>
10-Feb-2003 EL (hemetis): Molecular biochemibra
6-Feb-2003 Mathew Orman: Where is Lorentz?

31-Dec-2002 Richard Perry: Why SR is only valid in absence of gravitational fields
21-Dec-2002 John C. Polasek: MMX, right angles and the heart
10-Dec-2002 James Driscoll (Spaceman): Driscoll Science
9-Dec-2002 Ken Seto: Setomatical Division

30-Nov-2002 Ken Seto: The origin also coincide at x=0
28-Nov-2002 Ken Seto: Postulates for a correct ether theory
26-Nov-2002 James Driscoll (Spaceman): Hafele and Keating and Bone marrow and Parrots
25-Nov-2002 Phil: If zero is defined as being 1/infinity
24-Nov-2002 Harold Ellis Ensle: I want to be a dissident too!
23-Nov-2002 Harold Ellis Ensle: I see him as instantly noticing the change
20-Nov-2002 Mitchell Jones: ***{Mathematics according to MJ}***
18-Nov-2002 Ken Seto: There is no ether wind. Objects are moving in a stationary ether.
16-Nov-2002 Marcel Luttgens: "if and only if" according to Elementary Luttgens Algebra
14-Nov-2002 Hayek: How the cars measure their velocity relative to the road
11-Nov-2002 Harold Ellis Ensle: He _cannot_ apply a transformation to himself.

17-Oct-2002 James Driscoll (Spaceman): North of the North Pole is "floating above the planet"
15-Oct-2002 Jos Boersema (josX): Relativity is an absolutist theory
10-Oct-2002 Trevor Morris: Look how I use 240 words to say nothing.
8-Oct-2002 Ken Seto: Fumble upon Fumble upon Fumble upon Fumble.
6-Oct-2002 Henri Wilson: The experiment is a joke.
5-Oct-2002 Tom Potter: Assfixations revisited already!
4-Oct-2002 Henri Wilson: The book of fumbles will be a best seller
4-Oct-2002 Frank Wappler: At least in principle!
4-Oct-2002 Jos Boersema (josX): Sweet paranoia: Relativists cannot speak freely on usenet
3-Oct-2002 Henri Wilson: Fiddle Fluke Fooling Philosopher
3-Oct-2002 David Thomson: Excuse me? Hello? Is anybody home?
2-Oct-2002 Tom Potter: Assfixations
1-Oct-2002 James Harris: My penetration in my target market is extremely high.
1-Oct-2002 James Driscoll (Spaceman): I have a ball that has 2 parallel lines drawn on it.
1-Oct-2002 Jos Boersema (josX): There is no such thing as 'non Euclidean math'

27-Sep-2002 David Thomson: Binding energy, like all energy, has angular momentum.
22-Sep-2002 Dabiker: "Little mathematical journey into the unknown"
20-Sep-2002 Ken Seto: Absolute Motion and the Return of The Vertical Direction
17-Sep-2002 Phil: This one really is Too Stupid To Respond To. Pull the cork out.
17-Sep-2002 Jos Boersema (josX): Newton, Galileo and Maxwell disliked Einstein
14-Sep-2002 Jos Boersema (josX): Wow, Spaceman is right! -4 * -4 = -16
13-Sep-2002 Henri Wilson: Please explain how radial vectors come into this
12-Sep-2002 Marcel Luttgens: SR uses identical symbols to represent different things!
11-Sep-2002 Jos Boersema (josX): The Boersema Challenge
10-Sep-2002 James Driscoll (Spaceman): Spacetime my ass!
10-Sep-2002 Jos Boersema (josX): Nonsense! Newton was out of line!
9-Sep-2002 Jos Boersema (josX): Nice quote. OOPS, it's NAZI-propaganda. Ah, what the hell!
9-Sep-2002 Richard Perry: a = a + b
9-Sep-2002 Jos Boersema (josX): Euclidean, the greek historian
8-Sep-2002 Jos Boersema (josX): Knowing that you worked on these things...
8-Sep-2002 Jos Boersema (josX): An event /happens/ at the moment they /see/ it
6-Sep-2002 James Driscoll (Spaceman): My sense of humour
6-Sep-2002 Jos Boersema (josX): ... particle accelerators are operated by biased people ...
6-Sep-2002 James Driscoll (Spaceman): For the benefit of josX: Superconductivity ran forever!
4-Sep-2002 Jos Boersema (josX): Air-resistance: F=m*a
3-Sep-2002 James Driscoll (Spaceman): ABSOLUTE with reference to My Computer!
2-Sep-2002 Jos Boersema (josX): Repeating yourself when you are wrong, makes you right!
1-Sep-2002 James Driscoll (Spaceman): -4 * -4 = -16

30-Aug-2002 Jos Boersema (josX): You mis-understand SR the wrong way!
23-Aug-2002 Jos Boersema (josX): Every physicist is mentally ill, or a lying son of a bitch.
23-Aug-2002 Jos Boersema (josX): Solid experimental fact
23-Aug-2002 Jos Boersema (josX): It's a deep gap like this. I'll update my paradox.
19-Aug-2002 Jos Boersema (josX): They didn't draw a diagram.
17-Aug-2002 Jos Boersema (josX): Gamma is NOT dimensionless dude
16-Aug-2002 Jos Boersema (josX): Nothing wrong with that
15-Aug-2002 Marcel Luttgens: The correct relations
8-Aug-2002 Jos Boersema (josX): You don't even know the Lorentz transformations do you.

29-Jul-2002 Gerald Kelleher (Oriel36): Shit Comprehension
19-Jul-2002 James Driscoll (Spaceman): Multiplying negatives produces negatives

8-Jun-2002 Marcel Luttgens: Forget my so-called proof!

29-May-2002 James Driscoll (Spaceman): The Earth is not cylindrical shaped.
28-May-2002 Charles Cagle: The time-rate gradient field closer to the gravitational terminus
25-May-2002 Ken Seto: Huh?
15-May-2002 Dennis McCarthy: "Straight Forward Inductive Argument"
14-May-2002 James Driscoll (Spaceman): If lightspeed has something to do with speed, how come things can move fast in the dark.
11-May-2002 Ken Seto: To be or not to be More At Rest
8-May-2002 Caroline Thompson: Substantial contribution to computer development falsifies QM

26-Apr-2002 Tom Potter: World's simplist overview of physics
7-Apr-2002 Harold Ellis Ensle: "... but most physicists really aren't reasonable"

29-Mar-2002 Henri Wilson: Equal probability and accessibility --> simultaneity
16-Mar-2002 Marcel Luttgens: SR IS DEFINITELY WRONG
15-Mar-2002 Henri Wilson: "We simply change our names"
13-Mar-2002 Ken Seto: The Tragic Suicide of Model Mechanics
11-Mar-2002 Ken Seto: All MMX apparatuses were always moving in the vertical direction
9-Mar-2002 Henri Wilson: My computer simulations falsify and ridicule the experiments
5-Mar-2002 Ken Seto: Frequency = waves/unit area/unit time
1-Mar-2002 Henri Wilson: Logic is bull!

27-Feb-2002 Ken Seto: That's how the GPS system works
27-Feb-2002 Ken Seto: Seto's Special Principle of Simultaneity
27-Feb-2002 Henri Wilson: SR is based on NM
26-feb-2002 Ken Seto: isotropic in all directions
11-Feb-2002 Henri Wilson: At the centre of his own personal 'absolute space'.
10-Feb-2002 Henri Wilson: ...within experimental error and known clock drift.
9-Feb-2002 Henri Wilson: The numerical value of c.
8-Feb-2002 Ken Seto: You can't see outside the diameter of the observable universe
7-Feb-2002 Ken Seto: Astronomers looking beyond the observable universe
7-Feb-2002 Henri Wilson: According to SR light speed is source dependent. How strange!
4-Feb-2002 Ken Seto: The inverse square law applies to frequency NOT the amplitude

31-Jan-2002 Ken Seto: Yes, absolute time is frame dependent.
16-Jan-2002 Ken Seto: You paraphrased me wrongly as follows:

24-Dec-2001 Henri Wilson: Time 'interval' has dimensions T^2

27-Nov-2001 Androcles: Nobody can disprove a theory
22-Nov-2001 Androcles: So Einstein was a con artist....
20-Nov-2001 Androcles: You can't prove that postulate. Ergo, you are wrong
18-Nov-2001 Androcles: Abstraction? Who the hell ordered that?
10-Nov-2001 Androcles: Let's teach some physics and ignore energy conservation.
10-Nov-2001 Androcles: ROFLMAO! Speed is the magnitude of the velocity, fool!

26-Oct-2001 Ken Seto: sqrt(4-25) = sqrt( -20 ) = -4.472 ?
24-Oct-2001 Ken Seto: (A-B)^2 = A^2 - B^2
22-Oct-2001 Androcles: Orgasm!
8-Oct-2001 Vertner Vergon: theorem for the addition of velocities

26-Jul-2001 Androcles: Debunking Andersen Logic
23-Jul-2001 Androcles: Sqrt(1) has two answers, 1 and -1, so we have two gamma's.
13-Jul-2001 Androcles: How to solve a partial differential equation

6-Jun-2001 Androcles: Androcles' Argument

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