Israel X Palestina


My opinion about the conflict:

I think that Israel should wipe out those bloody Palestinian once and for all from the face of the middle east.

They should launch heavy bombardments and take over the whole Palestine land and really get rid of all those mother fuckers. If they like to blow themselves and throw rockets over Israel, Israel should make the same with those idiots hundred times harder and really wipe them all out.

Then, Iran should drop a big nice Moslem atom bomb over the fucking Jewish state and finish with it once and for all.
No stone unturned and beautifully delete all these cities together with the asshole citizens. Just disintegrate those men with idiots hairs and hat with a big nice Allah Uranium Bomb.
If Jerusalem means city of the peace, this is a fucking big bullshit and the crap should be definitively cut up.

Then the US should start a war against Iran and just explode those goatfuckers Moslem. If they want to play Nuke that's what they get. Dozens of charmy American Atom Bombs, much more efficient and cool, would leave not even dust of unfashioned Mahmoud Ahmadinejad types who loves to play in the name of Allah. Send those scumbags to cry their crumbles at Mohammed's side.

Then the climate changes would throw over the stupid Americans hundreds of tornados, volcanoes, earthquakes, seaquakes, stormy icy weather and break the land of bastards in a way that the damage could never be repaired again and the whole continent would just sink taking all the bitches and cocksuckers to the hell.

California would finally open all its tectonics plates and suck this stupid Hollywood crap and New York would be banged by climate catastrophes till all the fucking new Yorkers would die with cholera and diseases, together with their fucking blood suckers from Wall Street and the silly rappers from the Bronx.

Then Brazil would take over the world power and humanity would be celebrating carnival for the rest of their existence, till the sun burns out, the galaxies collapse and the moon run away from us and we also get rid of the bloody brazilians.

Neuzinha manda um beijo e muita força pra todos os lindos soldadinhos israelenses que estão na luta contra os fedidos, feios e bregas dos palestinos. Pra finalizar o post venenoso sobre o Oriente Médio, um vídeo da última visita a Israel.

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