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Confirmation Email, Automated Customer Service Email, and Transactional Messages

Transactional email can be a website's customer service ambassador. Email is one of a website's most powerful tools for strengthening customer service and increasing users' confidence and trust in the site. Processing email is a stressful burden on people. Users are too busy to deal with certain email. People just want to be done with most email, and quickly move past anything that is not absolutely essential. Here are some tips on how to design your conformation email, automated customer service email and transactional messages.

Surviving Spam-Filled In-Boxes

Transactional email has three goals, the first is essential for success the other two:

Avoid or Minimize Message Sequences

Companies that scattered a transaction across too many messages caused several usability problems. Users had difficulty keeping track of the messages, which contributed to in-box overload.

Tell Users What They Want to Know

Confirmation Email Builds Trust

Good email that respects users' time and quickly tells them what they need to know can do wonders for your customer service reputation. People don't really trust websites, but when they get a confirmation message, it seems like something is actually happening. Confirmation email and automated messages are great for connecting a website with its customers and for closing the loop in e-commerce and other transactions.