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On this page you will find links to all other classes aswell as a short description on what the classes are about.
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html HTML

The HTML class is a class which teaches us how to create our own websites. they teach us the basics and try to go indept as much as possible for students to create their own websites. They also teach us how to properly upload these websites. And as you may are already aware this website has been created by Lloyd Jialal when he was in his first term of year 1 of IBIS.

blog Thinking and Reasoning

On our first class of Thinking and reasoning we were asked to create a wordpress account. Once we did we had to create a blog which was pretty new to me. However I did enjoy it. And as each week passed the teacher asked us to create blogs along with each class that we had from her.

backpack What's In My Backpack

For What's In My Backpack we took a look at a lot of different things which made us think a lot about ourself, to help us find our own strengths and weaknesses.