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Meta Skills

On this page I will discuss which meta skills I have used and in what way they helped me to grow as a student.


The Define aspect allows us to recognize certain things or problems for our minds to be able to work with them. I believe that What's In My Backpack certain. During one of the classes we also had to write down our most important event in our lives and this mainly helped me to define at what point did I changed into the person that I am today. This is once again making use of the meta skill: Define.

Another class that we had during PSD1 was Thinking and Reasoning. Most of the things spoken about in the class were things that I always kind of already knew about. However I never knew what to call them and thanks to Thinking and Reasoning I finally learned the correct terminology, and this is once again an aspect of the Define skill.

The last class that contributed to the define skill in my opinion was the class the fundamentals of business. Here we had to create an Business Model Canvas and in order for us to do that we had to be able to define the business first. So especially in this class was the meta skill define used in my experience as we had to define every aspect of a business to see whether or not a certain piece of information was valuable for us.


The Design aspect allows us to create things in various ways. I believe that this one is one the broadest aspects. Yet regardless I'd like to start simple and say that the HTML class helped me a lot of developing this skill. As you can see this website is the result of the HTML class and its design was very easily visible for me when I was creating this website.

The class What's In My Backpack also made us think about the future and how we desire to shape it and this ofcourse allows us to make use of our design skill as we try to design our path that has yet to come.

For Thinking and Reasoning class we occassionally had to work in groups and create a presentation to the class with valid information that the students could learn from. And the way how the teacher wanted us to present was for us to mainly use the design skill in order for us to contruct a presentation to which the students would have the most benefit from hearing those presentations. If she didnt emphazise this we probably wouldnt use the design skill that much and the presentations would be simply boring and the students wouldnt learn a whole lot if we did it that way.

The final class that used the design skill was the International World of Business class. Here for our assesment we had to construct a poster of a certain event. And obviously for in order us to create the poster we had to use the design skill. We used this skill for in order for us to create the poster in such a way that it would be very clear for anybody once they looked at it.


The execute aspect is mainly about perfroming tasks. For our first term of year 1 of IBIS I don't believe we used this skill a lot since most things are new for us they decided to give us mainly stuff to think about rather than stuff to do with.

However only one class comes to mind when I think of the execute skill and that is the International World of Business. As I mentioned we had to create a poster and once we made the poster we also had to correctly present it to our teachers to see whether or not we understood the classes correctly. Performing this presentation in such a way made me use the meta skill; execute.


Ah my favorite aspect of them all, learning. I believe that I don't really need to explain this one since this one is the most common one along any course given in the world. Also we are never too old to learn something new.

By making use of the classes of What's In My Backpack I learned quite a lot from myself and why I am the person that I am today and where I wanted to go with my life. I also learned about my strengths and weaknesses as well as my personality type, I had the INTP personality type. Also for this class I also learned quite a bit on how to reflect on myself to see how certain things affected me.

HTML also contributed to this aspect because as you already know that I couldn't make an site as cool looking as this without learning from the HTML classes. I also learned to look differently at websites as I now can see a bit more clearly of how difficult it actually can be to create a website.

For Thinking and Reasoning class I didnt exactly learn a whole lot since most stuff discussed during class was stuff that I already knew about the only thing I mainly learned from Thinking and Reasoning was the correct terminology about the stuff that we discussed during class.

Finally a class I haven't discussed at all yet, and that class is Infomation skills. For this class I mainly learned how to effectively look up sources that actually can be trusted. I also learned about paid databases that some schools offer such as ours.

In our International World of Business class we also had to use a lot of skills learned from the Information skills to find valid information about our subjects. By studying these subjects and utalizing these skills I learned quite a lot about my subject which I didnt actually knew before I started searching for the required documents to create the presentation.


The leading aspect contains skills in which we use to manage people or actions of others. This one is similair to execute as we didnt really use that much of this skill during our first term of year 1 at IBIS.

We did make use of it during the class of Thinking and reasoning as we had to work in groups to contruct an informative presentation for the other students. Here we switched between leaders as each person had valuable information to bring to the table of what to discuss or in what way we should discuss it with the class.