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On this page I will mention all NLU's that I've chosen as well as why I chose them as my NLU's.

Gamification for social and business purposes

This NLU's is all about making a game out of life, and what other fun NLU's could there be out there than this one? Now this is my number 1 NLU's that I am looking forward to. And because I get to do one of the things I love (which is having fun and learning) I believe that I will be able to accelerate in it as my curioisty for this NLU will be sky-high.

NLP: Key to be more effective in work and communication

I chose for this NLU because I blieve it is extreamly important to be able to work with all kind of different people regardless of which task lies ahead of us. This is how our world wants us to shape ourself. And I also believe that this will also help me as a person to help me udnerstand various mindsets when working with a lot of different people.

Religious or not: that’s the question

This NLU has been selected so that I as a person can get a better feel for people who have a different viewpoint in life. I myself am an atheist and I believe that for this reason this class could be very interesting as it will discuss certain topics of which I probably never even thought about. I will also probably learn a bit about various beliefs which helps me to understand a fellow human being better.

Mobile Marketing

This NLU has been selected because in our current age we do almost everything in with our cellphones. Therefore I would like to take this opportunity to learn more on how to advertise things properly on the phone. I am quite unfamilair with this advertisment and therefore I believe that I will learn quite a lot from it.