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Hi my name is Lloyd Jialal and I am 22 years old. I was born and raised in Amsterdam and I still absolutely love to live my life in Amsterdam. before I started IBIS I did the study IBS(Internation Business Studies). This was an very interesting course for my since it had most of the aspects that I love to do while studying. And those things are; communicating in english with fellow classmates, receiving classes in english and I had the opportunity to leave the country.

After I was done with IBS I wanted to do something quite similair but not sure what exactly. After looking in into a few schools I finally found IBIS. Now once I found IBIS I wasnt quite ready yet just to hop on and follow the course. No, it was far too early for that. I had to investigate the course for myself first in order for me to know whether or not this course was going to be a good fit for me.

After doing some research I finally came to the conclusion that I wanted to follow the course IBIS. The reason why was because not only did it had the aspects that I usually enjoy but it also had something different, different from any other course out there. The type of difference that I was looking for. This course is unique, and that convinced me. I mean look at what you're looking at right now, you're looking at my passport in the form of a website, not a boring document sent in from a student. No. This website has my type of style on it, and even when you go to my HTML class files you'll find unrelated stuff about the passport but its still allowed to be in my passport simply because I wanted it there. It's the stuff like that which makes everybody's passport unique from IBIS. And I simply love to work with this kind of freedom.

I guess I should write about on why I am the person that I am today, and of course numerous events in my past caused me to be the way I am today. But I guess I’ll try just to touch on the most important ones.

In my past I was quiet bullied a lot because I was quite different from most kids. And after a while some of the people I called friends weren’t actually my friends. And the moment I realized that I changed drastically. I trusted people a lot less and even today I find it tough to truly trust another person, regardless if they are friends or family. All of this happened when I was at the age of 8. And during that time I started to dress differently from most people as I decided to mainly started dressing only black and white. And because I started to dress differently and act more differently I stopped caring about the opinions of others around me.

This allowed me to have some more bold opinions about others as I believe that they shouldn’t care too much about my opinion as I don’t care much about theirs. Since I stopped caring about being different I seek out others who were quite different from what most people call normal and this allowed me be a lot more open minded in comparison to my childhood friends. So even though I didn’t had the most cheerful memories of when I was a child I’m still happy I had them because it eventually shaped me to be the person who I am today.