Decisions... We make so many of them. We make them every hour, every minute throughout each passing day of our lives. Some are easy and some are tough. But why is that? The reason why is because not all decisions have been made through the same source. There are two sources; one is Logic and the other is Emotions. The easy decisions are made by the one dominating source. The tough ones occur when both sources are colliding, trying to find an answer which is the best for the person. And it’s up to us which one we allow to dominate. Logic vs Emotions the struggle lies within.


To write

pen writing on paper

I desire to write, to write the unwritten stories that lie deeply within the depths of my mind. To write the stories that will please my audience and myself. To be the author that will be looked upon, frowned upon and perhaps even laughed upon. But none of that really matters as long as I keep doing what I really love to do, and that is writing... For others...