Name of the webpage

So, this was very new for me.

The whole package name is called Personal Skill Development 1 and it consists of: Writing and Thinking, Research, What's in my Backpack and HTML/CSS. Just a short introduction of the lectures:

Writing and Thinking

Is about critical thinking. For example: someone tells you something and how do you know it is credible (true), how does this person that tells you something builds up his or her argument. Also, it is a lot of thinking before you say something. You have 2 systems that allowes you to say something, your system 1 is the one that always react immediately on something and your system 2 is the one that takes it's time before it says something or does something (like filling in a governmental form). For this class we needed to keep up a blog, I placed the link of my blog on this page as well, so if you are wondering what we did during this class and the developments I made in my private life as well thanks to this class, you can check the blogs.


Is more about how to find the right sources you need in order to make for example an assignment. There is a lot of BS (excuse my french) on the internet and underneath this information that is not credible, there are the good sources. During this class we trained into how to search in a proper way to find what you are looking for and using the otherside of the web (databases) to gather good and credible information. This means that someone did a lot of efford to make his report and it is based on facts.


Was new for me, and if I have to be honest, I really thought it would be simpler. If you look at the internet at some of the websites you visit, you never think that there is actually gone in a lot of time in designing it and making it. I think that it's very interesting but at the same time, I think I am just not build for it.

What's in my Backpack

Was about discovering your talents and how to use them in a proper way. I think that this is a motto I live by as well, it's called: Find out where you good at and find out how to get payed for it. It was about leaving your weaknesses behind and mainly focus on the talents. If you put your talents in the right place during work, you will automatically achieve maximum efficiency. We needed to write reflection essays about each class and I made links to new pages were you can easily read the reflection essay of that particular class.

What's in my Backpack?

Below this text, you can find the 4 reflection essays. I also thought about posting the notes I made of the keynote speaker Gabriel McIntyre in here as well, but since they are being mentioned in another webpage of my website I didn't. The picture below is the book which we needed to find out what your business characteristics is, which I thaught was very cool! The book we needed for your business characteristics Also, below this text, you will find an image that represents keywords which affects personal developments. Image with keywords about personal developments

Writing is Thinking:

Research notes: Mind mapping

First step of information skills: What am I looking for, what do I want to know Helping improving your desk research with steps, tips and tricks. Watching a video about how to find exactly what you are looking for and find it faster. Or is good to be in the middle, and is good to, not is good to connecting the first term and excluding the second term Try to use these tricks, like the quotation marks, in your desk research. Putting question marks or stars you exactly want that sentence, and stars is the difference between words that are the same but somehow different. How will you process the found information? How to make a good reference to your source in an essay: Wijk, Kees van. (2011). De media-explosie; trends en issues in massacommunicatie. Den Haag. SDU Uitgevers BV.