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Who am I?

Well, I think by now you know my name so let's leave that at the side. I am currently studying on Inholland University of Applied sciences. On this University I am following the program International Business and Innovation Studies (IBIS). The reason I choose this program is because I think that there will be a lot of demand for it in the future. So far I am enjoying my study, and I think that is important as well. It is a real 'warm' program, in means of everybody takes care of everybody. If you have a problem that you can't solve, you can easily step up to a teacher or classmate and ask him if he/she can help you further. I think that is important within a study program as well, that you join each other in order to get great results. Enough about the program, next to studying I enjoy sporting. It can be from jogging to playing football. Watching sports is also a hobby of mine, since I am involved into a lot of sports I enjoy watching the pro's doing their job. I would consider drawing as one of my hobbies as well, because it's something I am doing from a young age and still am doing.


You can't find me on any social media, I am not a social media person.. But take your time to check out my website though and see what kind of developments I made during my stay in International Business and Innovation Studies on Inholland University. It's a lot, so just sit back and let your eyes and hands do all the work.The University I am studying on

Like I mentioned before

On a previous webpage, take it easy and enjoy the tour. Check the navigation bar and see what interests you the most and click on that link. Just a quick information about the navigation menu: Insights so far and experiences are mainly about the keynote speakers that visited the program to talk about their company. But otherwise as well, because in the kick-off week we visited several companies. This is mentioned as well with some insights within. Personal Skill Development is about the lectures we had regarding this subject, lectures like: Writing is Thinking, Research and What's in my backpack? And the last page, Other developments during IBIS, is about the developments I personally made in my private life with help of IBIS (my refelection essay is in this page as well).