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I’ve done a lot of sports in my life, but not very ambitious or fanatic. That’s because the sports I’d really like to do frequently are no realistic options, for instance sailing: The closest body of water that’s a decent size is 15 miles away.


In holidays I sail pretty often, we have a small yacht (26ft) which is pretty fun, In the summer I sometimes sail in a Laser (fast, small sailboats) which is one of my favorite boats.

Windsurfing however, is pretty darn awesome. Because you have so much control over the sail and board it doesn’t feel like you are controlling something, the board and sail feel like they’re a part of you.


I think this sport was the most useful to me, not that I fight a lot, not at all actually. But with this sport your locomotoric abilities increase a lot, You really get to know your body.

The funny thing about kickbox is, you learn to avoid a fight, you’ll be less aggressive or pumped up when someone is taunting you. The first time you spar during the training, you get adrenaline flowing and probably your ass beaten. Just because you can’t keep your cool. After a few sessions you learn to stay calm and focus on what you’re doing, suddenly you can land a lot more punches and maybe even gain the upper hand. This comes in practice in your daily life. It’s not all about technique, it’s about your mentality. The reason I stopped was because eventually a lot of people with the wrong of the last mentioned came in.

Competitive Swimming

Booked the most success with this sport, was pretty good at it (14years old) won almost all competitions I swam, but eventually it wasn’t much of a challenge anymore, it became boring. So I decided to stop.


Skateboarding is like kickbox, a big plus for improving your locomotoric abilities. I learned to fall and react fast to unexpecting movements. However, I wasn’t very good at it. Skateboarding was more like hanging out with friends, and occasionally skate around for a bit. Therefore it was fun, it has a big social aspect. I did it for 2 years and stopped when my 3 deck broke.


Furthermore I practiced rowing, skiing and parkour.