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My name is Sasha de Graaff, born in 1994. I made this site for a schoolproject. With the goal of showing my teachers I understand the basics of HTML, CSS and HCI

Who am I?

Gaming is one of the main reasons I was interested in IT, In 2008 I saved all my money for a year to buy and assemble game-pc and spend many hours on forums on what parts to order. CPU, RAM, HDD and GPU reviews. Build guides. This is when I discovered how complicated, yet how simple a computer works. I was, to say the least, very intrigued. I’ve always been very eager to know how things work, breaking many cellphones, watches and toys. Trying to fix them, or remember the order how I took them apart. Eventually I became skilled in this and now I’m not afraid to completely disassemble my smartphone or computer when something is broken, or just for fun.

The above reflects to a lot of things I do.

While playing games, mostly First-Person-Shooters, i thought: “How do guns work?”

And there I went, destroying many hours in which I was supposed to study by watching videos, blogs, tutorials and so on.

This is me, a guy who is eager to understand “things”.