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  • Stunningly beautiful

  • ICS


Before I even started on my website, I was browsing reddit /r/ webdesign for inspiration, and I found this gorgeous site (NTIELA). I really liked the way the navigation worked and decided to at least try to implement that.

The color scheme is somewhat similar to the bare version of Google’s android Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) I love the vibrant blue color and dark grey contrasts of it.

The main reason why I decided to build a dark website is eye fatique: when I’m sitting at my computer and checking my facebook the amount of white-area is too damn high, when you turn around the contrast to black background and white text. It’s wears much less on your eyes.

I’ve always liked tidy designs on website, rounded corners, color explosions and bright colors in my opinion a bit hideous.

Here’s a list of sites that were helpful for constructing this site.