My name is Nana Baidoo, I live in The Netherlands in Rotterdam south,
I was born in Amsterdam, I originally come from Ghana, my date of birth is 22 march 1994.
Before studying in IBIS at Inholland I did International Business and Languages
at Hogeschool Rotterdam. I Believe in IBIS because this study course is meant to
cultivate my individual skills-strengths as far as I want to get,
by focusing more on the practical side rather than the theoretical side.


The main reason why I choose IBIS is because I want to be part in any kind of
change and innovation within international business environment. Beside that I want
to develop and cultivate my strengths and skills during this course.
And I want to become an idea fuser who has the ability to pull two unlike things together
to create a beautiful third and also being someone who can work with
almost anybody, anytime and anywhere around the globe. I believe that the management
of IBIS will be a big tool for me to help me to reach my goals within the IBIS program.


The provided IBIS passport is deliberated out of all collection of my learning and progress during the study programme.
It´s a showcase of all learning achievements what I obtained.
Beside my passport I will also display you my cv in general I hope you will like and enjoy my website in general.

P.s. This school year will be a challenging and educative year for me as an upcoming innovater. Signed by: Nana Baidoo.