My journey in IBIS is one which has taught me to learn and appreciate a lot about the essence of creative and innovative learning which allows you to bring out those inborne skills within you. It has made me to realize the essence of making mistakes and learning from it.¬†As a result, am now conscious of the fact that mistakes doesn’t mean you are weak, but it only shows where you went wrong and the need to make necessary correction.

I have learnt a lot which have really changed my view about issues. Not only have I learnt academically, I have also learnt from the cultural perspective. I will like to conclude that I have not been disappointed in my expectation and look forward to the new term.

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What makes me Tick

I believe in bridging the gap between the social classes by having a business that will cater for this gap. The reason been that i want to create an avenue where the poor can be allowed to enjoy some of the basic necessities which define normal human standard of living. The passion that drives me is basically derived from my past experience.

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