There are five meta skills which the IBIS course adheres to these are Define, Design, Execute, Learn and Lead. On this page I will endeavour to explain how I have developed these skills over my first term at IBIS.


This skill has to do with Defining trends and developments, problems, issues, opportunities, and necessary changes.The first term was very challenging with lot of problems and issues been thrown at us to solve. I think the first thing in resolving any issue is to first be able to identify the problem.

Due to the trend in mordern design i think HTML was one of the first problem we had to contend with. Also Fundamental of Business came with the issue of understanding the BMC (business model canvass), International world of Business with the chart presentation, While the other PSD courses possesd the problem of questioning our previous knowledge.

As a potential IBIS graduate I think this various problems have created awareness and enlightened me on things i will encounter in the near future. For example, this is the first time am hearing about BMC and i discovered its need for a succesful business.


This skill has to do with designing value and adding solutions that meet the end users’ needs (e.g. concepts, strategies, products, services, processes). Innovation goes along with a lot of design which is to cater for a desired change or need.

The term was filled with a lot of assignments and task which opened the mind to creative designing. it took a lot of creativity and design for so many of us to achieve our desired websites, IWOB presentation and BMC.

Though some of the design at this level might not really be perfect as expected, with time this will be achieved in the learning journey.


This skill has to do with Executing / implementing business cases, plans, ideas, solutions and performing tasks and activities. This is one area my weakness comes in. While i can be active in planning and design, my execution skill is quite slow. This is because of my nature of trying to watchout for others before carrying out my task. My weakness in this aspect is due to two reason; I spend my time assisting others, and also try too much avoiding mistakes.

However, In my learning journy in IBIS i have learnt that mistakes are part of learning and that for one to be successful, you must be a able to manage your time. Am better at time management and trying my best in prompt execution of task.


This skill has to do with opening up to learning and improvement in the face challenging situation and problems. Its not always easy to let go of previous knwoldge which often are part of us.

From a personal note, i think it takes appreachable effort to learn new things, most especially if they go contrary to your previous knowledge and experience. For example, the HTML class was difficult because the methodology of the teacher was challenging to what most of us previously knew. ICT is such a dynamic field, being strealined to one method can be difficult for learning.

Also, the free form of learning that i experienced in this course is new and difficult for me to adjust to.

However, I tryed my best to open-up learning new things and have already seen improvements and hope that it will help me to stay focused and grow even further both within the course and in my personal life.


This skill has to do with Leading change / innovation. It has to do with being able to lead and stragise in face of the status-quo to achieve a desireable results.

meta skills