I am ONAJINRIN KAYODE EMMANUEL pursuing an undergraduate degree in International Business Innovation Studies (IBIS) at Inholland University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam. My choice of the course is based on my desire to acquire knowledge of bussiness from a more innovative perspective, and also the need to learn from a new environment. I did my first degree in International Relations, which gave me the oppurtunity to be open to world beyond African domain. As a result, when i decided to go back to school, i decided to do it outside the county.

I am from Lagos-Nigeria, one of the most populous city in Africa. I started primary school late due to the policy of government in my country as at then, after which i procceded to the secondary school and finshed earlier than was expected due to my good academic performance. It was in the period of schooling that i discovered my humanistic nature which drives my passion. I discovered i am someome that "empathize" with people. However i realised that empathy alone cant solve peoples proble, hence i decided to study hard so i can achive my dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur who can give back to the people.

My Strength and weakness lies in my nature. This is because i derive joy in making people happy and as a result spend most of my time solving peoples task and procastinating about mine. This however becomes a weakness due to the fact that i find it difficult to meet up with some of my own targets because i gave my limited time out. For example during my first term IBIS assessment period, i spent most of my time helping people with their HTML, and my assessment surffered hugely for it.

My business dream is to become a successful enterpreneur. Am talented and good when it comes to anything that involves technicality, and often been reffered to as a technician. Hence becoming any of the following is what i look up to; Creative technologist, Strategy consultant, Business development officer, or a Visiual interation designer.

It has been said that "you are the master of your success", hence, to me Success is not to be measured by how much a person have in the bank, but how much impct one has made in making thos around him comfortable.

Presently am learning and studying so that i can develop my potential of becoming an innovative business entrepenuer in the nearsest future. As a succesful entrepenuer, i will be able to achieve my long term dream of creating a bussiness that will cater for the need of the society around me.

I am committed to giving back to the people, and hope that with my various acquired knowledge and experience i will be able to achive my dream.

What makes me Tick

I believe in bridging the gap between the social classes by having a business that will cater for this gap. The reason been that i want to create an avenue where the poor can be allowed to enjoy some of the basic necessities which define normal human standard of living. The passion that drives me is basically derived from my past experience.

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