With our society in the midst of a shift in world view, innovation is key. This new era revolves around customisation, personalisation, differentiation and distribution. Complexity is shifting from something that is mostly two-dimensional and that can be addressed sequentially, to something that is three-dimensional that demands simultaneous and integrated attention, with a more cross-disciplinary approach. As predictability becomes more difficult and uncertainty becomes the norm, innovation becomes indispensable for businesses. More than ever, in the 21st century businesses need to be able to understand key trends that will shape the future of technology, customers, society and the market place and be agile at responding to these. Hence, the birth of International Business Innovation Studies (IBIS).


Assessment-Onajinrin Emmanuel-532531-PSD 1- IBIS passport appraisal - 2814BI114A

What makes me Tick

I believe in bridging the gap between the social classes by having a business that will cater for this gap. The reason been that i want to create an avenue where the poor can be allowed to enjoy some of the basic necessities which define normal human standard of living. The passion that drives me is basically derived from my past experience.

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