The lecture asked us what is the definition of reflection, I responded "To look back on what you did".
Every day I learn something new, she explained to us that, reflection is to look back at the past, the present and the future.


Term 1 has come to an end and I am more than ecstatic. I am looking forward to acing the NLU's, as well as doing matters differently. In term 1 I realize this is where I belong, I found the match that suits me. I made sure to gather as much as I could. During guest lectures I made notes and in class as well. Even if the topic of the guest lecture did not peak my interest, I attended, because you never know what you might learn. The guest lecture that spoke about game design said, if you read 10 books on a topic you'll be a expert. Which is true, because I did a lot of research on critical thinking for my blog and I possess a lot more skills now than I did. I'm not an expert and I did not read 10 books, I am a few steps further than when I started with my blog. During term 1 I found myself actually engage and interested in what I was doing, this helped me to motivate myself more and to put in the extra work. Even when I'm on the train I realized that I searched for short Ted Talks or was trying to understand the BMC better. I have seen improvements in comparison to my previous study. When the mind is engage and you're where you belong, effort comes without realizing (in my case). Everything wasn't crystal clear though, I had little bumps along the road. My planning need a lot of work and my time management as well. Anyone can make a good planning, but is it feasible? can you stick to it? In term 2 I am going to make a less intense planning, for example on Monday I study and Tuesday I have a break. Other example/option would be when I'm studying I take shorter breaks, I am easily distracted during my breaks.

Presently I still feel how I did in the beginning, that I am on the right path and that I choose the right program. Bit by bit it feels like a burden is being lifted off my shoulders, being that most assessments have already been submitted. In the beginning I was stressing over my website, because the classes was being taught on an intermediate level. Nevertheless I showed up and tried to do whatever I could and I continue working on HTML outside the hours that it was being taught. I made it my duty to keep asking for help, reading the book, looking at videos and eventually it all came together. I'm the master of my own success, it took me longer, but that doesn't matter. I am more than happy with what I achieved at a beginner level, I am just resisting to stop tweaking it here and there.

The NLU's that I have chosen are, religious or not, excel and designing my own NLU. The other NLU's were also peaking my interest, but I would like to gain more insight in religion. Due to the fact that I can incorporate it with the free form NLU. Which will be about culture, it is something I find very important for me, because I want to go on internship abroad as well as study exchange (not in Europe). As well as living and working abroad after this study. Culture and religion I can incorporate and research more about these topics I know so little about. Microsoft excel is a choice I made because I have minimal information on how to use it and every job and everywhere uses Microsoft Excel. A year from now I want to be standing in the IBIS hall with my Propedeuse and preparing for my study abroad. In order for me to achieve this goal, I'll be working on my planning. Everything goes well and I am up to date, except my time management and planning needs a lot of work.

There's a way to do it better - find it

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