Key factors in my learning journey:

Deepening my knowledge on critical thinking

General answer would be by attending class, but that was not the case for me. The lectures was more of a kick start for me personally. It was the writing of all my blogs and doing research is what helped deepened my knowledge on critical thinking. Critical thinking was needed for every single blog. I always truly believe in order to submit work, do a presentation etc to the best of your ability, the work that you deliver has to be in depth. You cannot simply state "Frog Design need a better contract with their client". You need to know why, the reason, a solution and lists of other factors. Once this can be concluded, you can fully understand the topic at hand. The lecture Thinking and Reasoning really tweaked my brain, because I knew the facts already to an extent, but after the course I was able to deepen my knowledge on what I already knew. It was a push in the right direction, a jump start to the engine.

Cultural Intelligence
When in Rome do as the Romans do

Although I may not be working for an international company (yet), the employees or perhaps investors will be of different cultures. To break it to you, however you look at it, cultural intelligence is very important. Dealing with such a global workforce it demands certain skills and knowledge. Cross cultural knowledge may seem super easy to grasp by learning the traits of a culture. However, it may not seem as easy as we think it is. For example, the differences in facial expressions in Japan can mean something way different than what I'm/you're used to.
I came to the conclusion that, for me to be able to succeed in this business I need to expand my skills and knowledge of different cultures. Not because I want to (which I do), but simply because it's a necessity in this field. Indirectly you will need it working in this business or in any business, even as a cashier or supervisor at Burgerking. For example if I'm the supervisor at Burgerking, but my head cashier is of a different culture, we may clash. In order for us not to clash, the understanding of her culture traits and vice versa is of importance.

New insights to my vision

Throughout the term I gained new insights to my vision, surprisingly it occurred in the beginning of the term. It began by the lecture "What's in my backpack" and Thinking and Reasoning just kick started it even more. I gain insights and inspiration by watching the Ted Talks during the lecture. I learned and gain so much more motivation by this lecture, it increased when we watched the Ted Talk about "Grith" (refer to video below). The ability to learn is not fixed but can change with effort, if you work long and hard enough you will eventually get it. Practice makes perfect, yet some are just not good at studying 10 chapters for an exam (me) but others are. It was eye opening, right then and there I felt more motivated. Effort is everything and IQ does not mean anything.

Hard Evidence on the factors above:

Insights Essay

Printscreen of Blogs Made In Thinking and Reasoning

Innovation is hard because "solving problems people didnt know they had" & "building something no one needs" look identical at first

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