My Journey


I can't believe that term 1 flew by so quickly. Less than a year ago I was studying boring chapters for a written exam and now I'm here making written assignments. I enjoy the written assignments, because I like to write and get in depth about what I researched and my opinion on the matter (only) if it's necessary. I started IBIS and I knew what to expect, but after the first two weeks it was much more than I imagined, which I liked. We received classes that helped us discover ourselves, this is such of importance, because the more you know about yourself the more you are capable of. I learned what makes me tick, personally it is my drive. Once I set my mind and heart to it, I am going to achieve it. There's no stopping me. Listening to my peers reading out their essays during class made me realize that the class is actually helping individuals discover more about themselves, same goes for me. I learned how important a 30 second pitch is, if you're able to give such a good pitch, you'll convince your clients you're the person they need. My pitching skills is still in progress. A pitch I made was "I stand for having an open mind even when it seems like there's no good coming out of the situation. I aim for working and gaining knowledge of different cultures. I'm good at persuading people in to making the right decisions, inspiring them to do what's good. I bring a breath of fresh air to any where I'm at, you might be sour now but after meeting me you'll be lifted." I talked a girl out of stopping with the course, she said wow you really changed my mind. I told her if there is anything you would like to chat about, you can always contact me. My pitch was different than others, different is good. It came to my conclusion that I am good at motivating others. This was just a reminder.

This journey is continuous. It will never end, because each and every day I learn something new, also outside of school. Last year during my previous program I was the one to make the final changes to the report. I realized my group mates was not being in depth, they were not being critical enough. In order for a report to be made, you have to be critical and understand what you are researching, writing and etc. During the PSD Thinking and Reasoning, I realize this was called critical thinking. I was able to deepen my knowledge more on this matter, it is very essential for an individual to be critical. If you're not critical, you do not even possess the skills needed to write a simple introduction to a report. To be critical is to review the matter from all angles and to analyse that in depth. I see myself reaching that stage, but I am not fully there yet. In due time, as previously mentioned, once I set my mind to it I will achieve it.

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