Who is Miss Berry ?


One of the original 90's baby, Imara Berry, that's me. I am so fortunate to have been born in that era. The era where people still greeted each other, but times have changed. In the introduction week I choose to work on this topic. The topic was "people don't greet each other". I choose this topic because it was the topic that spoke to me the most. Its 2015 and much have changed over the years.

It was quite normal to enter the classroom and greet your classmates and the lecturer, by simply saying "Good Morning". It is still being done, but not as frequent as it was a few years ago. I believe in order for there to be change you have to start by yourself. A few weeks ago I told the janitor at the subway station "Good Morning" and it felt good. It felt good, because I saw a smile on his face and it reminded me of how different it is back home. Back home in St. Maarten everyone greets each other, but since I moved to The Netherlands some of my cultural traits have slightly change. I see the positive side of it, because if I can adapt to a completely different culture, this will work in my benefit long term. Due to the fact that I want to do my internship, study placement and eventually work abroad. However, that's just one side of the quarter. It can also be negative in my eyes, because slowly you're slipping away from your own culture that makes/made you who you are. I was born and raised on the multicultural diverse island of St. Maarten. Being abroad has taught me how relaxed the island life truly is, but being abroad has also open my eyes to so many new ventures.

Previous to this study I obtained my advance diploma in Social/Youth/Community-Work(er). I graduated without any delays, but it was definitely a ride. I have absolutely no regrets, everything I experienced made me a stronger individual and has brought me to where I am today. A few months ago I was rounding up the end of the Tourism International Management program. Just like 90% of other bachelors programs in The Netherlands, it consisted of studying out of a boring book and a lot of theory, which led to written exams. I personally do not like theory or exams that require you to study 10 marketing chapters in order to receive a sufficient. I just don't see the engagement or the sense in it. A few weeks ago I was sitting in class "What's in my backpack" and the lecturer spoke about this quote "Tell me and I forget, show me and I remember, involve me and I'll understand" (quoted by Benjamin Franklin). At that very moment my feelings and thoughts about how classes are being taught was justified. This is one of the factors why I choose IBIS. I could have done the tourism program in Breda, but what's the sense, I said to myself. The aspects that I like about IBIS is, I can work in any sector and get a job anywhere. Simply because innovation is needed in every business, to be able to succeed. Also the methods of how the program is built, it's built in such a significant way to engage the students, in my eyes that is.

I'm still on the path of discovery, it is such a broad path. As days go by I notice something new about myself that I did not know a few weeks ago or even a year ago. My motivation derives from reflecting on my journey and how far I came. I moved to The Netherlands at the age of 15 to pursue college and that I did. Everything I set out to do I did and reflecting back I realize that. In the first year of high school I already knew I wanted to go The Netherlands to pursue a college degree. Over the years I accomplished everything I wanted to do and if I didn't like something, I did what I had to do in my best interest. In order to reach your goals, one must put thyself first. In my first year in The Netherlands I made it my goal to find a job and head back to St.Maarten, and that I did. It's my drive to achieve my goals is what makes me tick. My drive have gotten me this far and reflecting back I realize that.

To stand out is to be distinct, to be distinct is to be different. Written by Imara Berry

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