4 continents: Europa, Asia, South- and North-America

11 countries: Netherlands, Germany, Dutch East Indies, Signapore, Poland, Belgium, Paraguay, Uruguay, Brazil, Russia, Ukraine.

The Postma-kids were all quite fond of travelling, or circumstances brought them there.

Jacob, the eldest brother, was a sailorman for many years on a shipping-line vice-versa the Dutch Indies. This was also how he met his wife.

Hennie, the second brother, was a sailorman across the world for several years before becoming a secondgrade-school teacher in the Dutch East-Indies, the "Emerald Girdle".Dutch Indies  He and his familiy moved from one island to another.
After the liberation from the Japs on august 15th 1945(terrible as it is, the atomic bomb on Hiroshima bought  their freedom), they went to Signapore, from there back to Holland

Klaas, the third brother, left his hometown Emmen and went to live in the Hague and later Utrecht. I found some - unconfirmed - evidence he worked/lived shortly in Antwerp, Belgium.

Frouwkje, the only girl, stayed to live in Emmen all her life. Nevertheless, being an unmarried woman with not much strings attached she travelled a lot in the afterwar years.

Joop, the fifth child, did scientific research on the Mennonites near Gdansk/Danzig, what is now Poland, and was then German territory. After his conviction in 1947 he fled to Germany, and from there by ship - under the name of Heinz Wiebe - to South-America. There he revealed his true identity, and lived among the Mennonites in Paraguay, Uruguay and Brazil.
A lot of people he knew from there moved to the USA and Canada afterwards, he went to visit them several times and had a lot of contacts there.

Bert, the youngest, fought with the "Viking"Waffen SS-brigade in Russia and Ukraine. He must have seen and done terrible things, travelled many miles and crossed many rivers.

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