My Learning Journey

During my first 10 weeks at IBIS i have had a great experience. And I have definetly improved the way I think, as well as the way I learn, and just see things in general.


The Meta skills define stands for solving problems in a creative way. Coming up with solutions to problems is a vital part to being a business innovator. You have to constantly think on your feet. The market is always changing. So as a business innovator you have to be able to adapt to the changing markets. It could also mean the discovery of a development, or issue in your on work, through alertness.

In a couple of my classes I learned about the skills to define. During the IWoB assignment, and also the HTML website I had to come up with creative solutions to my problems. When something didn't work out the way that I wanted it to I had to either find help, or figure something out on my own. And since help was not always available to me I came up with my own ideas to help solve my problems. I had to find information on the internet and in books to come up with the right solutions, when I had a general idea as to what I should do I would trust my intuition to interpret the data and incorporate this into my work


With design some of the processes that go along with it are: Brainstorming, scenario building, expertimenting, modeling, planning and visualing. These skills I used while working on some of my projects. The one that I used it for the most was the International World of Business assessment. I started out by brainstorming, this is something I learned in my Information skills class. Then I started creating a sketch to visualize my ideas. Then I worked on my assignemnt, and when I gathered my information I planned out where everything would go and worked on the creative part of the presentation.


To execute means to set up work according to a budget, or a specific way of going about your work. It also has to do with dealing with stakeholders, and meeting, learning, and generating all aspects of a business case. It's also about performing specific tasks. This I learned mostly during the kick off week. Here we were supposed to come up with a product, or solutions to a specific problem. We made groups according to the topic that we were intrested in, and from there we started brainstorming, with this exercise there were also some other meta skills involved, but here we all decided on the jobs we needed to do, and we had to stick to what we were doing. If we specialised in the particular topic and job at hand we would do a great job at executing our porject.


Learning is about reflecting, thinking back on what you did, but not only when a project is finished, but throughout the entire process. You have to keep going back to what you did and see where you went wrong. This is also why redoing the work that wasn't very good is a good learning method. This is something that I used to have a hard time doing. When I was working on an assignment I would work on it untill it was done. Once I would finish working on it I would not go back on it or look over it again. What was done was done. At IBIS I have learned more and more to go ack to the work I've done, and make it look better at what I have produced. Throughout the past 10 weeks with every assignment that I've done I've learned to look back on it, and learn from my mistakes.


Just like in the real world leading is about inspiring others, mnotivating, mentoring, communicating and listening. These are just a few of the skills that go along with a leadership role. During the first week here at IBIS I made a joke about how I somehow always end up in charge. This made me realize why. I am the person to divide up the roles when working together. And maybe I am also bossy enough to motivate people to do their work and "take one for the team". I think that this was a skill I already possessed, and although this may not be the skill I developed most these past 10 weeks, I think that I will continue to work on it.

Sterre de Weerd