Drawing and Painting

My love for drawing and painting has been developed mostly in the last year. When I went on an exchange program in the United States I took some art classes. Here I came to the realization that I really enjoyed it. I had an artclass everyday for that year. I would like to say that my skills have improved over the course of that year.

Together with my art teacher I have compiled a portfolio of some of my best works. During the classes we worked on a lot of diffrent techniques, so there isn't much of a collection going on quite yet.

drawing of a skull


Archery is something that I've been practicing for a couple of years now. I own my own bow and I used to practice it every week. Now that I'm busy with school and work I don't practice it as often, but still try to.

Why Archery?

Why did you choose to do Archery? That is a question that I get quite often. The reason why I chose archery was because I wanted to do a sport that was fun to go to, and have a good time with other people, but that wasn't something as physical as soccer. When I'm at the Archery club there are a lot of people that I enjoy spending time with.

Archery is also a sport that you have to be very concentrated for. You have to Keep your head in the game

target with arrows


Ever since I was young my parents have taken me on their travels with them. Because of this I have seen many diffrent places, and have been in contact with diffrent cultures. I love exploring new cultures, and countries. This is not only limited to new countries, but can also be countries that I have vistited before. I love to explore places more in depth and discover cool places that aren't conventional tourist area's. I like being where the "locals" are, but also to speak with the locals and discover more about them and their lifestyle. It intersest me to learn about their culture and viewpoints on diffreny situations. I learn from this and use it in my personal experiences.

There will be more information about my love for cultures, and having conversations with local people in the masterplan section.

Sterre de Weerd