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Shawnmichelles' passport is a website developed at the beginning stages of his PSD lectures for HTML/CSS. The use of this site would be validated by his lecturer of the HTML course to analyze that he has captured the lessons taught to him.

Further more this site will also be used to upload documents and assignments of other courses that he takes. This website can also be used as a future website for more professional reasons once he has mastered the upcoming four years of this course.



At the IBIS I get the opportunity to choose subjects in my second term and that was probably the most exciting part so far since I have started my study. The New Learning Units (NLU) that I chose were religion, speaking with confidence, innovation magazine making and phycology. I chose religion because I was raised in a religious home. My grandfather was pastor and my mother is a pianist and my dad was and still is a very active member in ever activity that the church holds. My siblings and I were part of every youth function and as old as I am I have so many questions about religion and I would like to learn more about it. Speaking with confidence, I would like to think that I am very well spoken but I doubt myself a lot even though I’ve done great. I feel like I can learn more way on how to present myself and represent myself in a good way while speaking during a presentation at school or in a interview. Innovation magazine making, I enjoy reading magazine, I do not have one in particular that I like but I do have a type that I like which are the gossip magazines. I also have been thinking on starting a magazine in my country because I like stimulating people minds through reading interesting stories that and through photography. Phycology isn’t something that I have any knowledge about but I am interested in learning about how people’s minds work and my own as well.

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