Aspiring Skills

SKILLS The skills I would like to acquire during my education in this course are as follows:

1. Critical Thinking and Problem Solving This skill is relevant in my opinion if I’m in a business course. I will be forced to focus on improving and creating products in an innovative manner once I have achieved my degree. My future career will expect me to be committed and responsible for the best produced products and making them better and using my critical thinking and problem solving. My future customers and business partners and employees will also expect this of me.

2. Collaboration and Leading with Influence In this world that we live in I am expected that I will work with along with my peers. Working as a team or working with other companies to generate something meaningful that I would not be able to carry out on my own.

3. Effective Oral and Written Communication To communicate is very important in the world of business effectively. I would like to learn how to communicate through oral and written communication to bring my point across in a direct and orderly manner. 4. Curiosity and Imagination This skill helps the mind rolling, thinking, and eager to find a way. In this IBIS course I believe that this skill will open me up and get more eager to finding new ways of being innovative.

5. Accessing and Analyzing Information We are confronted with information each and every day of our lives but what do we do with that information. What because a skill is assessing the information that you receive and analyzing what is really vital to any given situation.