Saray Koel


At IBIS we have the big subject Personal Skills development. This consist four subjects.

  1. HTML: making a website with correct HTML and CSS language.
  2. Information skills: developing your research skill. For example by learning new google tricks and by learning how to make a good source list.
  3. What’s in my backpack: who are you, what are your dreams, maximizing your potential.
  4. Thinking & reasoning: writing your own blog about your thinking process.

The other two subjects are International world of business and fundamentals of business. IBIS works with the so called meta skills. Each subject gives attention to some of those meta skills. the meta skills are: define, design, execute, learn and lead. This is how IBIS explains them.
For Professional skills Development we had to write a reflection. I also made one. If you want to read that you can go to this PDF.


These images show evidence of my learning process during this term. They are assignments for International world of business and for fundamentals of business. These images stand for the progression of the Meta-skills. I learned how to define a problem in a company and I came up with possible solutions. In my reflection you can read a broader view of my learning process, wich contains the Meta- skills that are involved.

Presentation of Euro Phone Blocks canvas

I have noticed that I actually use the Meta-skills in my life. When we had the meeting for the ball in January for the Youth, I was more aware of where problems might show up. I was able to think in the bigger picture and I came up with new ideas. I like to challenge myself to use what I have learned. I think the Meta- skill lead needs to be teached more, the subjects we have had did not contain this meta skill. I think I need to practice more with the skill 'Execute'. This is more focussed on the real business cases. Now that is still a bit new for me, but I want to learn more about it.

International world of business

In this subject we looked at different events that happened in the past. We started at barter and ended with the oil crisis. The assignment was to pick an event yourself and present that. You had to make a timeline, poster and mind-map. I chose the introduction of the euro. This was an important event for the history. I found it interesting to look for the information and to see how everything is linked. The part of the presentation I am proud of mostly is my own little research. I asked family members, but also my economy teacher in high school, to write something about their opinion of the introduction of the euro. Most of them said that they converted everything to gilders in the beginning. They all thought it was a good move, because you can travel more easy within Europe now. Those reactions showed the best what impact the euro had on the society.

Personal skills development

Fundamentals of business

In this class I learned to work with the Business Model Canvas. One of the most important parts is the value proposition. Here you define the value of the company, so what makes them stand out. The value proposition is dependent on the choices made for the customer segment. In one of the classes we had to make a value proposition canvas for the company phone blocks. This is shown in the images container.


At the English classes I learned new words and grammar. I improved my speaking and writing. I made a test to see if I had understand the units. I made the test very well. The classes are interesting, because it is diverse. There is a good balance between explanation and practicing. I hope the classes will be more challenging next term, because than I can learn more.