Saray Koel


1. Singing

I started singing in a choir. We performed each week, for a certain period, on Saturday. I did this for three years. I played in different musicals and I sing in church at the youth evenings.

2. Acting

I started acting when I was seven years old. I played in the big musical: Joseph and the amazing Technicolor dreamcoat. Joop van den Ende was the producer. Then I played in a musical called ‘Sofie’. I played one of the main roles. Last year I performed in ‘de Zaanse Chocoladefabriek’. A version of Charley and the chocolate factory. Now I am playing in Santiago. This is a project that stands for the connection between each other. They started this project because of what is going on in the world now. Everyone is fighting and people are living more separated. We stand for the connection between different religions. We have to get along.

3. Meeting friends

My friends are very important for me. I often visit them. We can talk for hours and hours.

4. Playing korfball

I started playing korfball when I went to the first class of high school. I play at ZKC in the A2. It is a nice sport!

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