Saray Koel
Saray Koel

About me

On the 15th of January 1998, I was born. I was born and raised in Zaandijk, a village near Zaandam and Amsterdam. I am still living there with my mom, dad and brother. My two older sisters are living in Amsterdam or Zaandam, with their boyfriend or husband. At home we have a dog, called Jambo. We also have two cats, called Spitsy and Sheera.
I absolutely love my family. They are always there. In times of joy but also when you need help. The persons I also love are my friends and obviously my boyfriend.
Some more information about me. before I went to IBIS, I went to high school. This was a public school in Zaandam with havo/vwo and gymnasium. I did havo. I went there for two years, because at first I went to another school called ‘de Passie’ in Amsterdam. This was an evangelic school. That means: I am a Christian.
My parents raised me with this faith and I am very happy with that! It gives me strength. I know that I’m never alone and that my life is more than just: live and die. I have a goal to live for.

I chose IBIS because first of all: I wanted to improve my leading skills. I think this study offers a good balance between making your own choices, to be innovative, and giving valuable information about a business. I also like to learn languages. This study is completely in English, so I am practicing that every day. IBIS makes me learn to think in a critical way. All the subjects were quit new for me, so I had to think out of the box. Or as we say: think without a box.