Reflection on professional skill development
Learning the course thinking and reasoning was one of the most inspiring and great experience that I had. The thinking process is such an integral part of who we are as students in particular and human, in general. The prospect of expanding my thinking implies expanding who I am as human being and the perspective from which I view the world, the concepts and values I use to guide my choices, and the impact I have on the world as a result of those choices.

I search and found out that these thinking activities are crucial to the success of my study  because it gave me  the opportunity to express my thinking in a systematic fashion, to apply the concepts I am  exploring, and helped me to improve my thinking by sharing my ideas with my classmates and Instructor.Engaging in a systematic exploration of thinking process that helped me to stimulate and guide me to think more clearly and insightfully.

In addition to thinking effectively, success in college and most careers require that I use language effectively. It made me not only be able to think clearly but also to express my ideas clearly to other people. Also, it helped me to be able to understand the ideas of others by reading about those ideas or by listening to people explain them.In the end, it helped me to be able to exchange ideas with other people through organized discussion.

Personal skill development is a lifelong process. It enables me to assess my skills and qualities, consider my aims in life and set goals in order to realize and maximize my potentials as long as my unlimited potential is concerned. I really like and enjoyed personal skill development courses which enabled me to identify the skills I need to set lifelong term goals, which can enhance my employability prospects, raise my confidence and lead to a more fulfilling, higher quality life. Planning a head to make relevant, positive and effective life choices and decision for my future life in general. It gaves me a lesson how to challenge the obstacles during my study devoted to my time and commit to my desired dream. In addition to that, enhancing my energy is relevant to enable generate ideas in a reasonable way to achieve my goal.

Communication and access to data are crucial to my success and to be productive in my study. I need to share ideas with students, parents, instructors, and society in general. Firstly, I learnt how to access and find out the information what I want efficiently from reliable sources that helped me to do my homework and assignments properly. Secondly, I got experience  from information skill development course how can introduced myself to the type of materials located in the library such as books, journals, theses, conference proceedings, and various search strategies to retrieve information from the library collection. Thirdly, I learnt to compare and evaluate information obtained from different sources related to what I already know. Fourthly, I also familiarized the online database subscribed by the library. Finally, I got to know how to organize, apply and communicate these information to others such as citing references in an essay or creating a bibliography.

I have learnt from the course HTML how to develop and style website with HTML and CSS. Outlining the fundamentals, the elements of front end design and development. As a beginner, learning even the basic of the code was very challenging, because it was nothing like anything I had ever done before. Through research and troubleshooting, I slowly grew to have an understanding of them, but there is still much more that I could learn. Through this course I have gained insight, but just concerning communication but also how difficult working with computer and the internet really is. I would develop an idea and create a basic outline for the contents of the design that I planned to build the website.This course is extremely beneficial to me as a business innovation student and has helped me to be able to be all rounded person rather than depending on any one to designs a website for me.

My reflection on the rest of the courses are as follows. Firstly,what I gained  from the course International world of Business is that how today’s Business is increasingly international in scope and there are obvious advantage in combining knowledge of modern Business with the experience of another culture. In addition to that, how this world is interconnected with each other in Economical, Social, and Political perspectives. As a business innovation student it makes me to be able to broaden my horizon towards to world innovation Business.

Secondly, I had also inspired by the course Business Fundamentals because I learnt how business fundamentals drives business to success, such as how to build the Business model canvas of a company. How to  approach the business issues of a company, Study from  different perspectives , learn them, keep them top of mind, and act on them and bring best possible solutions to  a business to be able to sustain in the competitive business world.

Finally, the skill that acquired from English course helped me immensely to prepare for my poster presentation as well as Business analysis. Because of the fact that  I can be able to read critically , find credible sources and summarizing the reports.