When I started the regular classes I was eager and engaged with the lectures that I got from the instructor, other students and the course materials. During the session  I gave emphasis  on  paying attention, taking notes, listening, asking questions, responding to questions, reacting actively, reading critically, writing to learn, planning, problem solving, discussing, and asking questions, performing/presenting, inquiring, exploring, and explaining.

Even if I was absent  about  10 percent of the class but I had compensated by asking my class mates personally or reach them through  different ways thanks to  the current world innovative technologies such as  mobile phone, internet, and social media like face book and WhatsApp. Besides to that, I asked our instructors to get additional explanation about the topic that already thought.

I have chosen the intended Negotiation learning units courses  scheduled in second term as follows: firstly, Animation fundamentals  which will help me to explore the fundamentals of animation through reading, lectures, screening, and observation. It would give me an opportunity to learn and also develop my understanding of core animation skills. Besides, exploring principles such as anticipation, overlapping actions, understanding of how and why timing plays an important role in the art of animation.

Secondly, Social Media Monitoring & Marketing would give me the chance to enhance my skills and be involved in social conversation and relationship, in a more inregrated market. Besides, it would give me a chance to know how industry influences across social landscape, and how to monitor social media for specific and public discussion.

Thirdly, Designing for NLU would give me the chance to know the contribution , adequacy of each NLU course and I can be able to correlate with my learning outcomes. In addition to that, it would help me to know what I hope to accomplish in my improvement cycle . As a result, it would give me an opportunity to strengthen my weaknesses.

Lastly, the above mentioned NLU courses would also strengthen my interpersonal language skills and would also add value that can helps me to improve my learning journey.The reason that i didn't choose dutch language course was that I am able to frequently speak and chat with my neghbour native dutch speaker.

I think engaging in the learning process increased my attention and focus, motivates me to practice higher level critical thinking skills, and gave me meaningful learning experience.