Enhancing my personal skill development has played an important role in my learning journey. For instance, reading critically helped me to search and evaluate the credibility of sources of documents during the time of preparation for my poster presentation for international world of business.

I was able to find and evaluate whether the source is credible and fits the purpose of the assignment, understanding high level scholarly sources was indispensable. I could also be able to find documents on online within a short time that helped me to use my time efficiently.

Moreover, those inspirational videos that I saw during the classes and guest lecture made me to broaden my social contacts that will help me to enhancing my health brain.

Innovation is the process through which economic and social value is extracted from knowledge through the generation, development and implementation of ideas to produce new or improved strategies, capabilities, products, services, or process. As a business Innovation student, in order to reach the users demand I can be able to define, construct my own point of view that is based on users and insights.

Design thinking provides the tools for me to become an innovative thinker and uncover creative opportunities that I didn’t see them yet. It helped me to think and work with a business model to come up with a feasible solution from economical, environmental as well as social perspectives. But also gave me an opportunity to design my poster presentation of International world of business. I can be able to make understandable to the reader without verbal comment, to catch my class mates and Instructors attention.

Professional skill development courses helped me to execute or successfully implement the design of my poster presentation. I was be able to experience and learn from the whole process of my poster presentation and was able to differentiate my weaknesses and strengths. My weakness was choosing broad topic  that leads me to look  a lot of Articles  as a result  obliged to spends  a long time to summarizes  the information. On the other hand, my strength was to put all the inputs such as a long time line GDP graph, pictures on the poster. I was able to experience and got delightful feeling from my poster presentation ,Practicing  how to lead people to come up with one summarized possible  point  during  poster presentations  and during group work.

As a fresh man student when I compared myself now and before I joined IBIS  I feel as I have accomplished a lot from  the last term. I can be able to planning ahead of time , organizing myself, getting aware of new innovation technologies, work collaboratively  with my class mates, think critically and evaluate business cases from different perspectives.

Finally, I hope to have the opportunity to develop thinking in its fullest sense and gain a mix of reasoning and broader problem-solving skill, which can be used across all subject with the help of NLU courses in order to develop further meta skills of IBIS.