About Me

My name is Malaku Manaye born in Wekentira Michael, Ethiopia. I graduated from Menelik Senior Secondary school in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Before I left my homeland, I engaged in selling of goods and services.

I followed a preparatory program for the faculty of Economics and Business Administration at VU university of Amsterdam (VASVU) in 2012/13 academic year, I also did Intensive Dutch language courses with a level of 4. Then, I joined British Language and Training Center in Amsterdam in 2014 and took several courses such as Upper intermediate, Fluency B, IELTS training 1 and 2 and Advanced. Due to my passion in Business I joined IBIS.

I believe in improved technologies that brings this world to a better place. Such development would be achieved by different mechanism such as bringing Innovation to different sectors , creating new Business idea and maintaining the growth of world population and natural resource that is found in this world.

My short term goal is to be deeply involved in to international business innovation studies to develop my creative potentials and learn to recognize and nourish this potentials in others, gaining highly marketable set of skills, improving my management skill that will makes me to take on tomorrow’s challenges, to broaden my cultural and social experience, to gain both theoretical and practical back grounds. In order to achieve my goal I will actively involved in the program.

My long-term goal is to be a business innovator. In order to achieve my goals planning a head, involving in community work and gaining diversified work experiences in different Business Innovative companies not only found in the Netherlands but also overseas.

Thus, I am certainly committed and dedicated to implement my plan and see  my fruitful goal.