With a keen lifelong interest in Business and also being commercially minded I have become committed to secure a career in the world Business innovation. To achieve my goal I have been looking to join University that will give me an excellent grounding in the core areas of Business Innovation studies such as strategic planning, designing, marketing, business Law and leadership.

To further enhance my knowledge and keep up to date with the latest developments in the commercial world I regularly reading Business and Economics books. The information I get from these sources helps me to understand what’s going on in the commercial world we live in and also again a different perspective on current Business events and issues.

Business represents an integral part of my life. I have been strongly influenced by my family business and developed deep interest to study business and related fields since my early childhood.  In order for me to achieve my personal career and goals, I found it necessary for me to study Bachelor of Business Innovation Studies at Inholland University of applied science. Learning the core concepts contained within a business syllabus will open opportunities for me to develop my own personal approach to the world business.

Before I joined the IBIS  program I had  a chance to participate an opening day. That was my greatest day which I got inspired by IBIS department members because they were  warmly  welcome me, and gave  me motivation  to be one of the students in IBIS today.

When I started the program I had a great happiness to be part and parcel of the new department in the Netherlands particular but in Europe in general. The multicultural background of students has given   me a chance to know in deep different culture, language that will helps me to broaden my cultural and social experiences.

Both the introduction as well as the kicks of week periods were very inspirational to get highlights for the program. I found also that staff members are friendly and cooperative. During two weeks period I got new ideas and experiences from brainstorming sessions as well as orientations. Besides, I acquired different experiences such as how to work with group, summarizing different ideas to brings to one reasonable points, organizing and leading people.

I appreciated to have a chance to visiting Heineken Brewery, it is one of the most leading bier brewery in the world. I have learnt about the role of innovation on the revenue of the company because they earn 1.5 Billon euro in 2014 production year. I also noticed how Heineken attract new customers beyond their existing customers by producing lower alcoholic percentage of alcohols and alcohols free biers such as Radler. In addition to that, the company is reinventing the existing brands of Brown Amstel bier by green golden premium bottle  because of that they earned also 100 million in one year.

I have also seen Make Amsterdam which is one of the consulting enterprise based in Amsterdam. I learnt how they effectively organizing and doing intensively their job with small team. Besides, the company has online supporting groups who can raise different ideas based on the initiated statements proposed by Make Amsterdam. As result, the company can be   able to select the best possible creative ideas to the customers.  

To summarize, I hope from the teaching and learning environment of IBIS I will get the skill and confidence I need to make a difference in the business innovation world.