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My choices for the NLU

On this page I will justify my choices for the NLU’s in detail. I will connect my choices to a broader profile of an international business inventor and relate them to my ambitions for the future.

NLU choices Plan A

  • Spanish
  • Photoshop: Shoot raw
  • Animation
  • Introduction to physiology
  • NLU choices Plan B

  • Animation
  • NLP: key to be more effective in work and communication
  • Photoshop Fundamentals
  • Social media Monitoring & Marketing
  • During the applying process it was very busy and you had to be fast to click on the right tabs before it was full. Above this paragraph I’ve mention the plan A and B I Had for the NLU. Plan A did not work out for me because the one of the subject was full in a few seconds. Looking back at that moment I’m happy that Plan A did not work out. In the next paragraph I will explain why.

    Plan A was about subject that I would like to do. I did not thought about the future opportunities after I made my choices. When I heard that the Applying would be busy I made up a plan B and used more of my system 2, I thought it more through because I did not want reject my choices. I took a close look at the benefits are for now and the future, when I will choose this NLU. Animation is a tool that I can use for my blog. In my free time I have my own blog where I discuss the hair care of coarser textured hair. I do this because in the internet there is still not enough information about how to maintain this type of hair. I hope that I can use this NLU to insert in my blog. This allows me to give people useful information to remember and to understand also. I’m a young person, this is what I always say when I talk about knowing myself and how to communicate towards people. Communication can reframe and to determine metaprograms in order to better understand yourself and others and communicate and work more effectively, according to the NLU handbook. This is why I choose the NLU NLP: Key to be more effective in work and communication. Because I have a blog it’s important for that it also attracts people I do not have a lot of designing skills yet I hope that the NLU Photoshop fundamentals will help to develop my designing skills more further. My blog is the beginning of a business I want have in the future. For now I use social media as a tool to raise awareness for my blog. I would like to learn about how I can use more marketing strategies on social media, that’s why I choose the NLU social media Monitoring & Marketing.

    I hope that the NLU’s will be as I imagine them to be. I know that it will be hard work but don’t have a doubts. I know that I only can learn more from y choices that I make in life.