Opportunities traineeship
All the hotels we offer for your traineeship in a hotel in Ireland are part of a international chain. All the hotels are a 4 or 5 star hotel in Dublin, Cork or Athlone. The chains in Ireland most of the students will choice about are:

Opportunity type of traineeship
In your second year you are going to have a operational internship. After reading the information here above, you already have some examples from 6 different hotel. But what kind of internship do you prefer? One thing is important to keep in mind, this is that you are still learning and that you probably will have no experience in working in a hotel. We offer you a traineeship in 3 different departments in a hotel; F&B department, housekeeping department and the Front Office department.
- F&B Department
Here you will get the opportunity to learn how the F&B in a hotel from the early morning until the diner in the evening will go. You will help with all different parts of the hospitality service that needs to be done, on a daily basis in a restaurant from a hotel. You will help with preparing the restaurant for the breakfast, lunch and dinner. Serving the guests and talk with the other employee’s in English.
- Housekeeping Department
Maybe you are now thinking;”What can a learn from a internship in the housekeeping?”. Well the housekeeping department is the ideal location to learn about precision and being critical to the college’s and yourself. You will teach yourself to be a manager or supervisor. Something that normally in your internships you only can do in your fourth year.
- Front Office Department
Here you will get the opportunity to learn how the Front Office department in a hotel from the check out until the Check works. You are going to check out en check in guest for yourself. A good opportunity to train your language to a higher level. Also the guest will ask you for a lot of things that are not standard. You can think about: complaints, sightseeing, a extra pillow for the room and this is your responsibility to help the guest with his requests or needs. You are also the first one a guest will see when he walks into the hotel.