Differences between the Netherlands and Ireland
The traditions of Ireland often are from a 1000 year ago en are still normal in the modern day society. The city Dublin is one of the city’s in Europe with the highest percentage of international students. It is very popular for French students, that want to improve their English. The differences between the Netherlands and Ireland for students are:
- The rooms are al lot more expensive then in the Netherlands. Where you pay in the Netherlands around 275 euro and in Amsterdam around 350 euro for a student room. You pay in Dublin for a small room easily € 400 euro. A room outside of Dublin is a lot cheaper.
- For a pint you pay in a bar easy 4 euro or more, it is cheaper to drink in a pub.
- In Ireland there are 9 universities, witch 4 of them are in Dublin.
- In the Netherlands the bars an pubs are later open then in Ireland.
The Irish music and the Irish dancing is very important in the modern day society. The pub is a central place where everybody is coming together. In Ireland the pubs are also full in the weekdays, right after the people have finished their jobs.

An example of the Irish culture and music: