About Ireland
•The hospitality
The hospitality industry is a major worldwide industry. It is dynamic, competitive, fast growing and international. The wide ranging from the hospitality industry, covering everything from deluxe hotels, restaurants and design bars, to catering operations and nightclubs. Tourism is a significant contribution to the Ireland's economy and it currently contributes for 6.2% of Gross National Product (GNP) and 5.7% of all exports. Thanks to tourism, Ireland can support three airlines, a large ferry company, dozens of quality golf courses and thousands of guesthouses, world class restaurants and hotels. The hospitality industry in Ireland is very important.

•The pub
The pub is maybe one of the most well known cultural aspects of Ireland. The pub or “public house” is part of Irish, British, Australian and New Zealand its culture. It’s not only a point where people come to getter to drink, but also a local point of the community. The different between a pub from bars and cafés is in the socially and culturally aspect. A pub is a social place based on the consumption of alcoholic beverages, and they offer a range of beers, wins, and spirits. Many of this pubs are owned by brewers and that is why often the beer is better valued than wine and spirits. The owner is also called the “pub landlord”, each pub has is locals and the guest that come by regularly are called regulars. The pub is important for the locals and the tourists and is something that will come by in your traineeship.

Ireland is divided in two different jurisdictions the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. We only offer traineeships in the Republic of Ireland and not for the Northern Ireland. That’s why we only give you information for the religion about the Republic of Ireland. In The Republic of Ireland the main religion is Roman Catholic Church with a percentage of 86 %. The most well known saint of Ireland is Saint Patrick. Every. Every year in Ireland on the 17th of March they celebrated Saint Patrick’s Day .

•History and Geography
Under need here we will tell you about the history from Ireland and between Ireland and Northern Ireland. Around 8000 BC(Before Christ) the first known hunter-gatherers arrived from Europe. When the missionaries Saint Patrick and the others arrived in Ireland around the year 600 the Celtic religion was completed in Ireland. Ireland was invaded from the 8th century for more than a century by the Vikings. From the year 1169 different mercenaries from England went into Ireland and this marked the beginning of more than 700 years of British involvement in Ireland. In 1801 the Irish parliament was abolished and Ireland became an part of a new United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland in the Act of union. From 1880 Ireland strove to attain for a self government. In 1922 the larger part of Ireland seceded from the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. Six eastern counties in the northern of Ireland remained within the United Kingdom. This part of Ireland is also known as “Northern Ireland”. Soon after Ireland became seceded from the United kingdom the Irish Civil war followed. The history of Northern Ireland has since then dominated by the conflict between Nationalist(mainly Catholic) and Unionists(and protestant). This erupted in the late 60ties and it become better 30 years later. By the 90ties the industry of Ireland has involved into a modern industrial economy. In the history the Catholic Church was enormous powerful, but his influence reduced.