At present, I work as a principal statistician in the MAS division (Manufacturing and Applied Statistics) of the Janssen Pharmaceutical companies of Johnson & Johnson. This work mainly involves the application and development of statistical methods to address issues that are often faced in a pharmaceutical manufacturing context. For example, interest may be in estimating the risk that an API or drug product fails to meet certain critical specs, or in the development of methods to validate in vitro alternatives for animal experiments.  

In the past, I've worked at the Center for Statistics (CenStat) of Hasselt University and KULeuven (Belgium). The focus of this work was on the development of statistical methodology to evaluate the appropriateness of candidate surrogate endpoints in clinical trials. A surrogate endpoint is an easy-to-measure biomarker (e.g., change in tumour volume in oncology) that can be used as a replacement of a difficult-to-measure true endpoint (e.g., survival time) to assess treatment benefits. 

I've also worked at Maastricht University and the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, where I was involved in a project in which the influence of age and age-extrinsic factors on inter-individual differences in cognitive abilities (such as memory) was evaluated. An important aim of this project was to establish the normal range of performance on commonly used cognitive test. Normative data are a fundamental tool in many cognitive assessment settings: clinicians and researchers refer to them whenever they wonder whether a deficit is present in the cognitive abilities of an individual (for example in the context of diagnosing dementia). 

Last update: May 2nd, 2020