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html & css

In the html and css lectures we had to make our own website from scratch. In comparison with my fellow students i have seen, i was learning the coding on a much faster phase. In addition, i started helping them with html and css coding and giving them feedback on their web design. Not only I liked helping them in general, but it was also a very effective way to test my own knowledge and skills.

However, i have spent dozens of hours trying to get a better understanding of the html and css coding. In general i found it really hard to find the right piece of information i was looking for on the web, because there was simply too much information available and every finding had another outcome or solution. However, thanks to the subject: information skills. I have mastered new searching skills, which saved me allot of time finding the right piece of information while searching.

Overall i found making a website with the help of the html and css coding really learn full. It really showed me that creating what you visualize in html & css is possible but very difficult. Nearly every night that i was working on my website, I got stuck at some point and in many occasion i could not solve the problem before i was going to bed. Surprisingly every time i woke up and refreshed my mind i had found or memorized the technique which i could use to solve the problem and in many occasions it was the right answer or it helped me lead to the right answer. So besides the fact it was really learn full on designing basis, html and css also made me more dedicated in delivering good work and putting effort in things I create. So overall in my opinion this was the best subject to begin the year with, because it really asked allot of dedication from me and basically helped me with start putting effort in the thing i am doing.

Lastly, i started working on another website which is called, Project M. This website will basically be a platform where i can develop my newest skills and i ultimately want it to become a high end proffesional website.

what's in my backpack

In the first lecture of what’s in my backpack i had to make my own masterplan, which included what our passion, talent, business dream and long and short-term goals were. I found it quite hard at the beginning of creating the masterplan, to really define what my real passion , talents, long and short term goals were. I believe it is one of the hardest things to do, defining yourself in words.

Apart from the masterplan i had to read the book called strengthsfinders. Along with the book i had to make a strengthsfinders test, to discover what my strengths were. The outcome of the test was as followed: n1. Positivity n2. Adaptability n3. Strategic n4. Woo and n5. Empathy. Overall i was pretty amazed by the fact that i recognized certain strengths on my own, I did not expected that i would do. As i said in the section above it is hard to define what your personal strengths are, but thanks to the strengthsfinders test i now know.

Overall the my learning experience from the subject what’s in my backpack was really discovering what are my strengths, talents and passion. Before this subject i never thought so critical about myself and had an clear idea what my talents, passion and strengths were. Now that i know what they are I can improve them by using them in my everyday life.

Underhere you can find the links to the learning essays of proof:

information skills

At the beginning of this course i did not think i would need any help with developing my searching skills. However, thanks to the subject information skills, i have been working on a more structured way lately. This can be seen how I made my website and poster for the international world of business subject.

Before i had this subject i really never made a structured to do list how i would narrow down my findings. But now that i have learned new tricks such as, using truncates i can now find for specific information. This technique i have applied while making the iwob poster and making my website, it was really handy since i straight away found the information that i was looking for.

thinking and reasoning

Thanks to the subject thinking and reasoning i have been thinking more carefully, when it comes down to making a decisions. For example my NLU’s, i specifically have chosen Photoshop to be one of my NLU’s because i will get the subject web design and in term 2 and they go hand in hand with each other. Furthermore, i have also chosen it because it goes hand in hand with the design lecture i will be following in term 2.

Moreover, the thinking and reasoning subject also helped me with reasoning whether i want to buy a new phone or not. Since at this moment i have a blackberry q10, which do not have a proper app store nor the capability of preforming on a high end internet useful way. However thanks to this subject i have reasoned why i would by a new phone, because all the things i practically need from a phone, i currently already have on my phone which are: calling, making pictures, checking my e-mail and using the app called WhatsApp. Upon this day i still have not bought a new phone, because i simply do not necessarily need a new one and this saved me a tremendous amount of money, by not taking on a phone subscription.

Overall, the subject was really useful on, whether i should make certain decision yes or no. Lastly, it really helped me with making decisions not only on school but also in my daily life.