Personal information about Sebastiaan Vermeulen

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who am i?

Hello everyone, my name is Sebastiaan Vermeulen. I am 24 years old and i live in the Netherlands. In total i speak 3 languages: Dutch, Croatian and English. I consider my talents as being very open minded and a broad thinker. I find myself open minded and broad thinking, because i always come up with multiple ideas whenever they have to be generated. Furthermore, I am extrovert and adaptable. I find myself socially adaptable because i treat everyone with the same respect i want to be treated with. In addition, i find it always very important that my guest feels comfortable and welcomed. I always give them the option to do what they want to do whenever they come in my house.

what do i do?

At the moment i follow the study program International Business and Innovation Studies. I really like the study program, because it is really flexible and i am able to use my creativity in most of the subjects. For instance, for the subject International World of Business I had to make a poster as helping tool for one of my presentations and for another subject called: html and css, I had to make this website.

Apart from school I am working part-time in a restaurant on the airport of Amsterdam. First of all, I work there because I like working with tourists and I have to speak English all day, which is very helpful for my language development.

In my free time I like spending my time working out, playing strategy games with friends, travelling to foreign countries and enjoying my time with my loved ones.

what is my passion?

I have a great passion for traveling around the world. This might be a broad definition for what my passion is, but when i am traveling around the world it gives me a great feeling and i cannot get enough of it.

However, i am truly convinced there is a connection with my passion for travel and my parents. i believe there is a connection, because from i was a child my parents told me and my brothers, stories about how they travelled around the world. For instance, my mother always told us stories how she and her friends hitch hiked true whole Europe for months and my father told us many stories about his travel experience while he was an international truck driver. Moreover, my parents even met while my father was traveling true Croatia and my mother was working part-time in a restaurant.

Anyways apart from their stories, they also showed us many European countries, like in the summer we always went to Croatia, because my mother is Croatian, but along the way to Croatia and back to the Netherlands, we always stopped for a few days in the surrounding countries, such as, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, Bosnia and many more. Besides that, in the winter we always went to the Alpen in France. With this in mind i am really happy my parents gave me these insights and travel experiences. i even believe it helped me shape my personality.

I believe so, because i have experienced allot of different cultures, traditions, mentalities and more importantly met all kinds of people. Because i did so, i now had a better understanding for people their opinions, perspective about life and norms and values.