assessment - Saskia Fabriek 564237 - PSD 1- IBIS passport appraisal - 2814BI114A – chance 1

Welcome to my personal website. I created it as a passport for my study International Business Innovation Studies. Here you can find a small recap on what I did and learned in the last term. The more extended version is to be found in my Passport document.

Below, you can read the pitch I made for PSD class "What's in my backpack".

I believe in music bringing people together. I aim for a job where I can inspire people by the art of music. I’m good at seeing existing things from a different perspective than others, and to see an opening for the non-existing things. I bring a huge enthusiasm for my passion, which is music. A love and deep strive to get to know- and do a little good to the musical environment. The proof for my ever-lasting passion would be my Spotify profile, it tells you not only to what music I listen to, but it also somehow tells you who I am.