Chosing a studyprogramme was a hard thing to do. I always struggled with figuring out what I want to do in life, never really knew where I was really interest in and always had problems with the enormous amount of choses when it comes to carreer paths. I already made one wrong decision, and knew what I dropped out that I wanted to do something I want to put all of my effort in. After days, weeks, even months of searching, there was IBIS. I already knew I wanted to apply for the course while going through the website and brochure. Finally, after all those years there was this one study that I actually liked.

I chose IBIS because of it's creativity and innovative learning environment. I like how we put everything we learned into practice.


I learned more in the past months as I did in the past years at my previous studies. This study really made me think about my actions and my role I have in my own learning journey. Now, I am very aware that there is a lot to be improved. I did have rough time throughout the first term with keeping up, being on time, etcetera. I am very aware of this now, and I defenitely am willing to change for the rest of the course. I did work really hard on the assessment of the past term, which I think shows and it tell that I am eager to achieve what I want. Which is succeeding in this course.

There's still a lot to gain, and I should pay more attention during the whole term, definitely not lose it half way through anymore. How I participated in the first term was maybe "okay" but I know that I can achieve a lot more. There's a lot of potential inside of me and I should seize it, because it would be a shame if it would go to waste.

Nevertheless I am very proud for the products I delivered for my assessments. I worked very hard on it and seeing the final results really gave me a feeling of satisfaction.