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In this section I would like to discover my masterplan and personality traits. I discovered these personality traits during the what's in my backpack classes, and learned to understand myself even further in the thinking and reasoning classes.

Master plan


I am very passionate about working behind computers, sports and helping people. I have been playing and working behind computers since I was little, this carried over to me having some skill with computers. When I was little I used to swim and after that play football. I quitted football after 8 years off playing but still enjoy watching most sports and talking about it. I enjoy helping people and seeing them being happy because of something I helped them with.


I think I am very good with computers as I learn to use everything on computers very easy. I also think I have an open creative mind. Next to that I think I am able to create things that I envision.

Business Dream

I would like to create games for educational purposes.

Definition of Succes

I want to work for a company where I feel at home and can express myself in the way I want. I also want to be happy in live, have a family of my own.

Long term goals

Pass the IBIS Course, get a job in an environment I like and enjoy, start a family.

Short term goals

Get 60 credits, Improve my meta skills, create my network.


Spend a lot of time at school outside classes. Always be a little bit early so I don’t get late. Work extra hard on all projects.


I vow to myself to hold myself to the actions I said I'd do.