Youri Hommen



As many typical dutch men, I grew up with football. I used to play football on the streets every single day when I was young. My first sport I practised was actually swimming, but when I had multiple diplomas I told my parents I wanted to quit swimming and join a football club. I joined SV Diemen in Diemen and played there for about eight years, before I stopped. Nowadays I still follow professional football on the telivision and occasionally go to a football match. I support AFC Ajax, the home team of Amsterdam. I still enjoy to play pick-up matches on the streets ocassionally.


Next to football I also enjoy playing video games. I grew up with old consoles like the Nintendo 64 and the handheld gameboy, and proceeded with the Nintendo Gamecube, xbox 360 and playstation 4, I also played on the PC during that entire time.


Finally I really enjoy movies. The genres that I'm interested in are Action, adventure, sc-fi, fantasy, thrillers and sometimes horror. However with horror I really despise jump scares.