Meta Skills

Definitions of The Meta Skills

Meta Skills


Define means I can define the right problem at certain circumstances, and pursue the right opportunities. You do this in a way that provides creative solutions. I think I will need the knowledge of these meta skills and keep them in mind, so that with the next assignments I can use these as guidelines.


Design means I can better design things that match the users description. these solutions can take the form of concepts, products, services, strategies, business model, processes, a whole business (department) or his own learning process depending on the problem that is in need of a solution. Define involves the International World of Business assignment and the Fundamentals of Business assignment


execute is meant to learn to execute activities. By practising this Meta Skill you improve your capabilities. For instance, activities can include sales / customer relationship activities, purchasing, preparing (job) advertisements, conducting job interviews, preparing financial reports, producing a corporate brochure website, conducting training sessions, dealing with suppliers and manufacturers, performing tasks in a (international) project, doing financial calculations,


Learn means I document my own learning in the classes. What I do is during the class, when an insight comes to me, I immediately write it down because otherwise I might forget it afterwards. This Portfolio is an example of the Learn Meta Skill because my insights and assignments are all documented in here. I have to get the connection from these classes to the business world


Lead means you can motivate and coach your team, even if you are not in a managing position. Make sure the people around you are doing their best jobs. It also involves listening to people well and asking imput from everyone. This is to learn to make you a good leader or manager. For this you need to know your own character and that is why What's in My Backpack relates also to this