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I believe in 2 things which are : connecting people with music, and being creative. I feel like everyone is creative but people worry about what other people think and what is considered ‘normal’. I aim for a world where everyone can express themselves without worrying about other people’s opinions. I’m good at making music and my good personality traits are that I’m patient, enthusiastic, supportive and hard working.

Hello my name is Justus and I’m 17 years old. I have one half-brother who’s 6 years old, and my sister has just turned 19 years old. I live with my mom and sister in Alkmaar. I started playing soccer when I was young and did that for 4 years. I was really good in it but I thought it was time for something else. I quit playing soccer and started kickboxing with some friends of mine. I did that for 2 years and now I don’t practise any sport.

My half-brother lives in Italy with his mom who is the ex-wife of my dad. My dad met her while he was working. He is a musician and the mother of my brother is an opera singer. I think they met each other while working. My brother is usually in Italy or somewhere else travelling with his. I don’t like that he is not here that much but I try to put on a brave face. My sister studies at the university of Amsterdam and my mom is a teacher at a high school. My good character traits are that I am calm, I have a lot of patience and I have compassion. My favourite food is everything, and here I will end this blurb.

Before I came to Ibis I was on high school in Alkmaar. I chose IBIS because I'm curious to see what it takes to become a business innovator

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