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  • Meta Skills
  • What Makes Me Tick?

    In the first lecture I started thinking about what I want to do in life. When we watched the video I really started thinking about an exchange of words with a guy that works at the Italian restaurant where I work. We talked about how you have to do what you love in life. The video was about What If Money Was No Object – Allan Watts. the video made me think about what I would do if money was no object. I would personally do exciting things and make music.

    Although this subject seems unreal because I think you need money to do some of the things you love to do. Like parachuting, flying in an airplane. My father once told me that his parents always wanted him to become a dentist. They said that he would get a lot of money but somehow my dad knew what he really wanted to do. If money was the only thing he would find important, he would spend his whole life doing things he doesn’t like to do. Since my dad was young, he liked classical music.

    He decided that making music is what makes him happy so that’s what he wanted to do. His parents did not like it at all and still told him he should be a dentist, and that he could never get money if he became a musician. Now my dad is a successful musician and makes more than enough money to life his life. he enjoys what he is doing, and if he is tired he’s still happy about what he is doing. It made me think about what I want to do in life because I believe you can do anything with the right will power and motivation. In class, I wrote my masterplan. I discovered my talent is also music.

    Although I do think you need money in life, I still want to do the things in life that I love to do. If you’re happy you don’t need that much money. The masterplan didn’t give me a lot of new insights because I still don’t know what my passion really is. It might be easier if I would’ve known what it was so I can focus on doing that. But I think what I want to do will come to me if I stop thinking too much about money. This was the main insight I got from today and I think it will be useful to me in life because I’m less likely now to do things I don’t like to do. When I do so I will think of today and realise I should do what I love

    How my Brain Works

    In class we had to do an personality test. At first I was a little bit sceptical whether it would work or not but the results amazed me. The test was for gathering information about temperament, character traits, decision-making methods and behaviour and attitude towards life, work, education, recreation and people

    The test consists of a series of questions that measure preferences on the dimensions of Introversion - Extroversion, Sensing - Intuition, Feeling - Thinking, and Judging - Perceiving. How you score on those answers fits you in to one of 16 different personality ISFJ stands for Introverted-Sensing-Feeling-Judging

    It came out that I was an introvert person which means I focus less on people and more on myself. I think it is very useful to look at the advantages and disadvantages of my personality type. The site said my strengths were that I was supportive which means I look for a win-win situation, Reliable and Patient ,Imaginative and Observant, Enthusiastic, Loyal and Hard-Working, Good Practical Skills. I see all this strengths in myself as well. But the weaknesses were familiar for me too. Humble and Shy so concerned with others' feelings that I refuse to make my thoughts known, or to take any earned credit for my contributions.

    ISFJs' standards for themselves are also so high that, knowing they could have done some minor aspect of a task better, they often downplay their successes entirely. I’m also reluctant to change and I see that in myself. Also taking things too personal, I can see that in myself sometimes and repressing my feelings which can lead to stress and frustration. It’s useful to know what the weaknesses are from my personality because when I know what the problem is I can do something against it. it was mind blowing to me how accurate the test was because most of the things I recognized in myself. by just answering a few questions your personality can be calculated or something. it's really fascinating.

    What also came out of the test was that it’s hard for me to say no to people. I recognise this in myself and I do not want people to make use of that so it’s useful that I got to know these things about my personality. I don’t think you can really change it but if it changes it happens automatically. I also got the insight that schools are not focused on creative activities. It’s a shame that schools don’t go in on the individual students talents. On primary school we got the subject music. It involved singing and playing instruments. If you let children develop their talents, they can more easily find their passion so I think that is definitely missing in today’s education.

    Who Am I

    In the lecture we watched a video about the golden circle. It was about the difference between businesses and what the successful ones are doing that the others aren’t. Companies operate at 3 levels. The What, How and Why. Some companies tell for instance in a marketing message first the What, then the How and finally maybe the why. But you want people to really believe in your company and share the same purpose and principles that you have. When people really believe in your company they are more likely to keep buying your products. I think it can be hard to find your why but if you got it, things will become easier.

    We also discussed about body language. Body language is very important and even the tiniest things will be noticed. Body language can influence the way people think about you. It can lead to people having judgements about you but this video was more about if our body language can change the way we look at ourselves. I think of what I saw in the video that it is true that your body language can change the way you think about yourself. When people win at a contest they raise their hands and make themselves bigger. Even blind people do that although they have never seen anyone do it. This pose can maybe change the way you think. The video was about a woman who did a study about body language and whether your body can change your mind. If this is true it can be useful in my life and I can try to be and look more confident. I’m looking forward to the next lesson. I think this What’s in My Backpack helps me a lot.


    Today was the last class of What’s in My Backpack. We’ve watched a video about the growth mind-set. It was about that people have to be open about learning new things. Some people like me sometimes get mad when they are not good at some things. Sometimes you give up to easily, but when you use the word “yet”, you show that you are capable of learning something.

    For instance when you are having a difficult math problem you can say that you can’t do it and you give up. But what the video said was that you should say: I can’t do that yet. I think this can really help because you don’t get the feeling that you can’t do it and you believe that with practise you will be good in it. The video was about the growth mind-set versus the fixed mind-set. People with the growth mind-set believe that you can learn a skill if you persevere and with the right teaching. They are not afraid to fail at something while people with the fixed mind-set are more afraid of failing. On the long term this can hinder your ability to learn and develop.

    I have a fixed mind-set sometimes because I’m kind of a perfectionist. But when you learn about this it makes sense so I can use this in my day to day life and try to have more of a growth mind-set. When I am facing a difficult problem I will not be afraid to fail because my skills can always develop more. This is the main insight I got from today’s class. I’m convinced I will persevere and always keep practising things I’m not good at and try to go on when you want to give up.

    We also wrote our life stories in class. I thought it was really interesting to write my life story because you don’t often look back at your life. I had never done this but I thought it was fun to do it. It made me think about past experiences in my life and if I encountered something like that, how would I act then? I think in a few years I will write a life story again because I think it can be good to look back at your life and mistakes you make because you will be wiser after.

    Old people are sometimes very wise and that is I think because of the life experience they had. It was harder for me to write the past few years for me because I feel like not so much happened, but I think that in a few years it will be easier to write it down on paper. I will not share my life story on this page because some things are too personal for me to share online. It’s unfortunate that this was the last class of What’s in My Backpack. I got a few valuable insights and these reflections sum them up.