About Me

Hi! I'm Jasper. I'm 18 years old and I currently live in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. I currently study International Business Innovation at InHolland in Diemen Zuid.

Prior to my education at InHolland I attended school in two countries; The Netherlands and the United States. I've been to many places around the world and I absolutely love travelling. I'm not much of a stay at home guy, although I enjoy a movie or video game from time to time.

My passion for travelling comes from the vacations my parents took me on. We've done road trips in the US and Canada as well as trips to Tunisia, Turkey, Greece, Portugal and other countries surrounding the Netherlands.

I'd like to live somewhere warm and nice in the near future and do what I love. I'm planning to get the most out of the life I've been given and not to settle at one spot for too long. Being on the go makes me feel free and alive, two factors I think are very joyful to experience. I wouldn't say living life on the edge is my rendition of that, but I certainly want something more challenging than a TV at home.

In my spare time I've developed a few hobbies along the way; creating music, web design and computer programming. I've taught myself how to play piano,

Who am I?

A picture of me in Paris

I'm Jasper, a travelling and music enthusiast as well as an IBIS student.

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